Fire Hydrant 5K

F is for Fire Hydrant 5K

The 24th annual Fire Hydrant 5k hosted by the Larimer Humane Society is coming up May 31st. ZuZu and I will be participating again this year! 

2012 FH5

Team ZuZu 2012

As usual I’ll be fundraising for the Humane Society. If you feel like donating to a good cause be sure to click here!  ZuZu came from a local humane society and each year I try to raise at least $200 as a way to thank the organizations that helped bring me my ZuZu. This will be the first year my parent’s won’t be in Colorado to cheer us on but I’m hopeful the hubby will be able to join me.


After the race is done there is a huge pet expo to attend. There are people passing out snacks and treats for dogs & humans, vendors selling pet supplies and a dog talent show.

This year there is bobbing for frankfurters and a peanut butter eating contest. I might sign ZuZu up for them! There’s also a table where you can get your dogs paw print. I get one each year to commemorate our experience. 🙂
Paw painting


It’s always a really good time so I’m really looking forward to it this year! I’ve also got a lot of other fun stuff planned for May & June but we’ll discuss that another day… 🙂


10 thoughts on “Fire Hydrant 5K

  1. Hello, what a fun post! I don’t have a pet, but many years ago, on the farm, we had a dog named “Pedro” and called him “Pete” He was a German Police Dog and although given to my younger brother, belonged to the whole family. Best regards to you. Good fortune with your 5K race! Some of my grandchildren and great grands also run in marathons. Ruby

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