My Big Fat Gem

G is for Gemini


This is my Gemini. He was one of my cats growing up. He was born when I was 16 along with 3 other kittens in the litter and sadly died last year. I named him Gemini because he and one of his litter-mates were the exact same coloring and had similar markings; they looked like twins or “Gemini” which is Latin for twins. I was a teenager so I was probably into my horoscope at the time and thought it was a clever name. I still think it is… 😉 As he grew the markings on his back looked like a backwards G which made me believe he had been meant for the name the whole time.

Gem was born with Armstrong, Kola and another cat whose name has slipped my mind. He went hunting one night and never came back. That happened a lot to my pets. My parent’s live in the country surrounded by farmland and woods so a lot of my childhood cats were killed by coyotes.

My nickname for his was Big Fat Gemmer because he was a ginormous 18 lb. cat! He was very independent and wanted to spend all his time outdoors mousing and stalking through the fields. But at night all Gem wanted to do was come inside and curl up by your side. Being the giant that he was when he stretched out he took up 3/4 of a full size bed.


When I left for college I would have loved to take him with me but I didn’t think it was fair to take an outdoor cat into the city and force him to stay inside. He was so happy roaming the fields that it would have broken his fun spirit. It worked out though because I would never have gotten the Kitty Fantasticas otherwise.

Right after Wayne and I got married we had to move in with friend’s for a few months and the apartment didn’t allow cats so the Kitty Fantasticas were shipped off to live with their cat cousins. Roma was still a kitten so in size comparison to Gem she was tiny! Her whole body was the size of his head!
Gem Roma
Meeting...He was not a shy cat and would often pounce on you hoping you had food to give him. He would jump on the counters and eat whatever was sitting on them so my mom was constantly fighting him off. He once ate a loaf of bread out of the plastic bag! In the mornings he would meow in the early hours trying to wake someone up so he could go outside. He could be a pest and often was but his loving, cuddle-bug nature made up for all his annoying habits.

So that’s my Gemini! I’ve had a lot of cats and loved every one of them but he was one of the best cats a girl could ask for!




7 thoughts on “My Big Fat Gem

  1. What a beautiful tribute to Gemini! All of these photographs are so beautiful, loved them all. I also love when you pick out a name for your pets, that somehow it turns into the best fitting name ever. I remember when we rescued little Bella when she was a puppy and when we took her home and looked at that little sweet face, the name Bella stuck in our head. Nikita was actually named Nanuk from her Foster Mom who cared for her, but we changed it to Nikita. Gemini and Roma are beautiful.

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