Iowa: Pet paradise

I’m a little behind on today’s post. I was so proud that I had 8 posts done ahead of time I completely forgot to finish this one! Today I’m talking about the pet paradise that is my parent’s house. They live in Iowa, not necessarily on a farm but in the middle of farmland with 2 acres of land for their yard. I already showed you their awesome donks and have mentioned their other pets in previous posts.

Let’s start with the cats. Zeus, & Sylvester are the oldest at 17. They’re going to be my last post of the challenge so I’ll talk more about them later this month.


Zeus curled up in a flower pot


Sylvester sleeping in the clothes basket

There is Armstrong who rules the roost. He’s a bit mentally challenged. As a kitten he was bit on the neck when he got too close to the dog during dinner time. It took weeks for him to even walk on his own and months for him to be able to walk without falling over. He runs like a brick and has to hold his head back if he’s looking at you. His depth perception never returned so when he goes to jump on something he often misses by several feet.

The look of complete confusion on his face is pretty much a standard look. The glove in the picture was his favorite thing until he finally had ripped it to shreds and my mom threw it out. He would carry it around wherever he went, meowing about its existence. When we visit he roams around at night meowing as if lost and doesn’t stop until he sees someone and realizes he’s not alone. On occasions he tries to escape outside when he sees the other cats coming and going or the birds flitting about. He’s managed it a few times causing my parents to panic. He wouldn’t survive very long on his own outside. I mentioned those coyotes in my post the other day… He’s very happy and spoiled beyond belief content.

Kola is sister to Armstrong and Gemini. This is Gemini’s “twin” and I originally named her Cola but somehow my parents have changed it to Kola over the years…not sure what happened there. 🙂

Kola cat

Hiding her face in the blanket

I will admit she was never my favorite because I didn’t see her often. She’s a hunter and enjoys being outside killing small creatures.  Lately she’s become a cuddler and spends more time indoors with my parents. She is a sweetheart when she wants to be though. You can’t see her face in the picture but she looks a lot like Gemini just with a rounder face.

Topaz is the newest addition to the crew, making her the youngest by many years. She made her way to their house during the cold winter, seemingly abandoned by someone. My mom took her in to get her out of the cold and she’s never left.

And on this day in my history I have a new ” Guest. ” Yesterday we found in the garage a beautiful kitten. I’m guessing 4-6 months. If I lived in town I could believe someone lost her but out here where I am she had to be dumped or traveled miles over hill and dale, across a creek in a snowstorm  to get here. She gobbled down the food I gave her( somebody likes my cooking ) and into the house she came.  She had to have had human contact because she sat on my lap all afternoon, she let me brush her and cut the mats out. So I named her Topaz and right now she is purring stretched out next to my feet.

-Excerpt about Topaz from my mom’s daily email

She enjoys being outside on the roof.

Topaz looking in

On top of doors in the house.
On top of the door

Eyeing chickens from the top of their coop.

Eyeing the chickens
Roaming with the donks.

With the donks

Right now they have 2 dogs. Daisy will be 11 this year. She’s a Black Labrador, probably mixed though. One fall day while driving to my parents we saw a puppy on a trash heap. She’d been abandoned so we picked her up and took her home. She never left either. We went through many different names and my dad decided on Daisy. I still don’t know why… 🙂


Miss Harper Lee was originally adopted by my sister. She’s a Newfoundland/Lab mix. Harper was a bit rambunctious and more energetic than my sister wanted so she came to live with my parents. She now has acres of land to roam on so she’s pretty happy.

Harper Lee

Hanging out with ZuZu

She absolutely loves to play and adores ZuZu. This is the only dog that ZuZu gets annoyed with. When we visit Zu can only handle a couple days of playing. Then she will hide to get away from her.

Next on the list of creatures at the farm are the chickens. They raise both layers and broilers. Currently they have 25. The ladies in the picture below are the layers. I can’t remember all their names off the top of my head but there are Blanche, The Doctor, Roxy, Stella, Mabel, and Blinky.

The ladies

The newest batch of broilers just arrived so they’re really little.  I like to keep the circle of life in mind when I think of them. That and the fact that I really enjoy meat. They’re very tasty and help me save money because my mom brings me several each year. So really they’re doing me a favor.

In addition to their collaboration of pets they also raise bees…if you can consider tending hives “raising” bees. Last year for the A-Z Challenge I interviewed my parents about the buzzers. My mom sends me honey every few months and it’s delicious!

Our past pets have included 2 sheep; Sherman & Dixie, a rabbit won at the local fair named Snowball, a hedgehog named Sonica, lots and lots of cats, several dogs, and a hamster named Lucky who turned out not to be so lucky after Armstrong broke into his cage one night and ate him…

So that’s the brood at the pet paradise. We don’t make it back very often but when we do hanging out with all the animals is one of my favorite things!


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