Just Chillin’

J is for Just Chillin’

Zu chillin'

Chubbs chillin'

Roma chillin'


14 thoughts on “Just Chillin’

    • I actually got it at Walmart. It was part of their college/dorm set for last year, some multi-functional sheet that could be used as a wall hanging, curtain, etc. I trimmed it and sewed the edges to fit my loveseat. I should have bought another one when I had the chance but I’m hoping they’ll have more this year so I can buy more. 🙂

      • Oh boy, I want a few sets too! I loved that pattern so much! I love when you find things like this in a store, but I have learned from experience….that when you see something like this, you have to buy multiple sets of them because you will never find them again!!!!

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