Oh ZuZu

Sometimes ZuZu chews up things around the house but I feel I can’t truly punish her because I left them laying around. So I just say “Oh ZuZu.” I once accidentally left a bag of groceries on the floor while I ran outside to grab more groceries and when I came back she had eaten half a ham and ripped open a bag of buns. But I was the idiot who left food on the floor….

Eating the buns

Chewed up the pen

A chew toy nearby and still she chooses the pen…

When she knows she’s done something wrong she looks at you with a guilty look and wags her tail. Naughty dogThen she jumps up on the couch and lifts her back leg as if to say “Remember how much you love me? I know you do because you give me belly rubs. Do that now.”

I usually send her out to her house to spend a few minutes contemplating what she did. She’ll stand inside staring at me sadly until I give in and tell her she can come out.

There were times last year I would come home from work in the morning and she would be sitting on the couch with the guilty look yet I could find no evidence of what she was up to. She only does it when she’s alone in the house because she knows she can get away with it. Last week I left for work and knew I was forgetting something. A few hours later I got a text from Wayne saying ZuZu had ripped apart the trash that I had forgotten to take out.

This next picture started out as an “Oh Chubbs” moment and then turned into an “Oh ZuZu.”

Oh Chubbs

For the past few days Chubbs has been rolling around in front of the closet door, meowing and purring. It’s where their food is kept so I just figured she was hungry and Roma was hoarding the food again. But I knew that Chubbs had eaten so I figured she just wanted in to get to the catnip. So I opened the door and she scampers in, happy as a clam. I left to put laundry in the dryer and when I came back I saw she was eating something out of a plastic bag. On closer inspection I realized she had opened one of the hiking bags and pulled out the freeze-dried dinner I keep on hand for Zu. The little brat had been gnawing on it the last few days!
Freeze dried foodOf course by this time the commotion had attracted ZuZu who, despite her fear of Chubbs, decided to snag it and eat it like a treat. The cat, not certain what had happened, sniffed around the empty bag for her treat. I kicked them both out and left it at that. The goofy cat is still hanging around the door hoping I’ve replaced her treat with a new one.  I usually don’t even keep the food in the bags since they’re stored within reach of the creatures but after the hiking post last week I had tossed everything back in the bag without paying any attention. Again…my fault. Oh pets. 🙂

How do you handle your pets when they’ve done wrong but it’s very much your fault?



16 thoughts on “Oh ZuZu

  1. OMG, I feel as if I just wrote this blog post myself. This is EXACTLY what happens in our house! But, it is always always Bella who did something. Nikita never gets into anything. I some times think that Bella gets into stuff out of spite because either I walked to the store or she saw me taking our neighbors dog out, but whatever the case, when I get home, she always has that guilty look on her face and I say “what did you do?” and Bella runs to her bed. Bella’s fascination lately is nibbling on the dirt from my flower pots and pulling the kleenex out of the garbage can. Oh yeah, did I mention that she also pulls Daddy’s undies out of the hamper and my socks too!

    • Haha! I can just picture Nikita letting Bella run rampant through the house, taking the crown for Most Well Behaved Dog. 🙂 Zu has been really interested in digging through the flower pots lately…not sure what brought this on but I’m not loving it.

      • Yep, Bella has a new fascination with the dirt in the flower pots too. Now, every time I leave the house, I have to put all the plants up on the table and out of her reach. Nikita used to get into the flower pots, but that was only when she was a tiny little puppy. She is so well-behaved and doesn’t touch anything now! Good Girl!

  2. These kinds of things are always our own fault in our house – the dogs won’t countersurf, but the cats sure will. And if the cats knock something down, then the dogs will dig into anything they find on the floor – I think they’re probably all in cahoots! The last time, I’d left a bag of buns on the counter. Moses loves his carbs, but I thought the cats wouldn’t care. I was wrong and we were shortly down a dozen buns.
    However, usually the crime scene is evacuated before I get there, so all I can do is clean it up and remind myself we have cupboards for a reason.

    • Haha! I definitely think they’re all in cahoots too. They pretend not to like each other when I’m around but when I’m gone…. I try and remember to immediately put food in the cupboards but the cats have been known to get into them. Rascals!

  3. Oh, boy…those pics of ZuZu are priceless! There have, indeed, been some incidences that were clearly a result of my forgetfulness. Taylor, too, had a pen-chewing experience one morning because I decided to write in my journal while in bed the night before…and I fell asleep with journal and pen in hand!

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