Places I Shouldn’t Be

This post is really, really late. Wayne and I took the train up to Winter Park this week and when we got back we spontaneously decided to go to the Colorado Avalanche playoff game. We ended up getting home close to 1 am and I had to be up at 5 for work. Tonight we spent the evening deciding what kind of offer we might put down on a house…stressful! I can already tell you right now tomorrow’s Q post will probably also be late. I haven’t finished it and I’m so tired I’m starting to see double so it’s not getting done tonight. 🙂 You can expect it sometime tomorrow afternoon or early evening!

Today I’m posting about the places I find the creatures that they really shouldn’t be allowed on, in, at, etc. They’ve developed a sense of entitlement and now I can’t get them to move. It’s mostly the cats. Chubbs, in fact, is a frequent troublemaker. She sleeps in Zu’s house and on her dog bed to name a few of her escapades. ZuZu isn’t innocent though but since the cats are smaller creatures there are more places for them to fit themselves. There tend to be varying levels of what’s acceptable and when I have to put my foot down and kick them out.

P is for

Places I Shouldn’t Be…

Sleeping on the couch
It’s perfectly acceptable in our house for 4-legged ones to be on our furniture
but since I’m constantly cleaning fur off I really shouldn’t allow it.
Sleeping Zu

Eating dirt from the flower pot

Chubbs dirt

Climbing bookshelves

Laying in the middle of the bed during laundry time
Laundry cats

On the iPad
Roma ipad

On the grill
Grill cat

In a box
I know, I know. All boxes are a cats playground but when they’re full of plastic peanuts
or clothes for Goodwill do you really need to be in there?
In a box

P is also for the Pledge for Pets fundraiser! You still have a couple weeks left to donate either by clicking here or by clicking the Pledge for Pets badge on the right side of my page. Any amount can help improve the lives of a homeless or abused pet!


5 thoughts on “Places I Shouldn’t Be

  1. Cats are a strange lot. They are independent yet they get their owners to do things for them. Your cat made you take the pictures. We have Morris, who is really affectionate to my wife. If he were a human I would be jealous. He cuddles. He is smart. And he gets his way.

  2. Oh Zu Zu, you look so comfy napping on the couch! (I want that beautiful cover you are sleeping on!) We are always in places that we should not be, but oh well, it happens. Thanks also for the Pledge For Pets shoutout too, we need all the help we can get before the end of April! Please help us help those animals who need our help! ❤

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