Q is for Q

Q is for Q and China

When I was a kid I had a cat named Q. I don’t know how or why I came up with the name. He and his brother China (again…no idea where that came from) were feral barn cats that showed up near our house. They were crazy, wild kittens but I immediately loved them.

Blurry cats

I only have photos of photos from a scrapbook at my mom’s house. They’re a bit fuzzy but you can get the general idea of what my cuties looked like.
My Q

Over the summer I spent most of my time trying to tame them. They hid under our deck a lot and I would crawl under there to be closer to them. I talked to them and would coax them out with food. They would snag the food and then take off. I remember luring them out with strips of bacon. I would lay on the deck and dangle the bacon over the side while waiting for them to come creeping out. By this time they were friendly enough but still wanted to be left alone. I could be near them but they didn’t want to be touched or held. I would grab one of them when he came out for food and take them with me to our enclosed porch where it was a safe, quiet environment with bowls of food waiting. As each day went by they stayed with me a little longer until finally they would come running when I called them.

Q 1 Q was a big cat, he’s actually Gemini’s father and where Gem got his large frame. He was dark orange with dark stripes. China was also a big cat but smaller than Q and was a much lighter orange, almost a white with orange tint, also with stripes. They were typical tomcats and loved being outside to hunt or sun themselves.

Q & C

They loved to be around people and they often were found hanging out together. I usually left my bike sitting outside, instead of putting it away, and they would sit together on the seat.

I don’t remember how many years we had them but they were great companions. China was eventually hit by a car and I think Q wandered off on a hunting trip and never came back; probably eaten by a coyote.

R & CI hope you’ve enjoyed this week’s edition of Pets: Flashback Edition. 🙂 See you guys next week for R!



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