Save the Earth

Today is Earth Day so S is for Save the Earth!

Chubbs Earth Day

I tried to find an Earth Day activity to do with ZuZu on Earth Day itself but all the activities and events took place over the weekend while I was at work. So instead I’m going to show you how we help save the earth by reducing, reusing & recycling while gardening.

First, I never throw away egg shells. I collect them after I’ve used the egg. After rinsing they go into a container where they’ll dry out as they sit.

Egg shells

When I’ve got a few free moments I’ll collect them in a bowl and crush them. I don’t have a pestle so I usually just grab the closest jar or glass and use the bottom to break them apart.


Then it’s into the food processor they go. I usually grind them for a minute on medium speed. I will check the consistency then and pulse them for a few seconds if needed. Before I had a food processor I used a cheap coffee grinder. I still use it occasionally but it’s small and holds fewer shells so it takes longer. If you’ve ever done this you know that the “dust” from the shells gets everywhere and sticks around forever. My coffee grinder will never be completely clean but since eggshells add a sweeter flavor to coffee grounds I don’t mind much.

When that’s done I pour them into a glass container. When I’m not using them I store them in the fridge. As long as the jar/container is airtight this stuff will last forever. I use it as a supplement for the critter’s food. It’s easy to grab from the fridge and sprinkle over their food. I haven’t made homemade food for ZuZu in a while but when I do I always add this and a bone meal powder.

Ground shells

The kit kats hung out in the kitchen with me while I made the egg powder.

Chubbs & Roma

I like to think they were there just for my company but I know they were really after these…

Once the powder was done I moved everything outdoors to get started on planting. For now I’m planting some herbs (cilantro & basil), cat grass and a few flowers I found on clearance. Our last snow storm usually comes the end of April, beginning of May so I can only plant things that can grow well indoors. Plus I don’t want to drag 15 pots & planters in and out until June. Once I had all my supplies in order, including my helper, I got to work!

Gardening supplies
I use a biodegradable coffee filter in the bottom of the pot to keep dirt from spilling out. When the pot is halfway full I sprinkle egg powder in and cover it with more dirt. Then I add the seeds and sprinkle more egg powder on top of them. Then more dirt on top of that and voila you’re done!

Cat grass & egg shells

ZuZu gardening

This year I’m trying something new and starting seeds in the egg shell. When they’ve germinated I’ll move them to a planter and let them continue growing outside.
Egg carton
Egg shell seedlings

I’m excited to get my little garden going. I bought morning glory seeds that I’ll plant in a few weeks. I want to build a small trellis for them to climb so I’ll need to scour the house looking for items to re-purpose into the trellis.

I hope you all enjoy Earth Day and I challenge everyone to do something to save the Earth today! Even a little thing like recycling a bottle can help make a difference. 🙂

ZuZu Earth Day

***In the first picture Chubbs is looking up. I had to hang the flowers up, way out of reach, because she would not leave them alone! All the high places she can jump to so I figured hanging them with nothing around was the best solution. It didn’t stop her from trying to get at them though.
Chubbs vs the flowers


5 thoughts on “Save the Earth

  1. I loved this post! That last photo was hilarious, but I loved all the ones with Zu Zu in them the best. It is awesome that you too love to play in the dirt, just another thing we have in common! One thing that I have seen that is pretty neat as either a room divider, or even perhaps you could use it as a trellis is when you take a pvc pipe and have someone cut thin strips from it (making lots of circles), then you just glue them all together to make your trellis. Your plants can crawl up the circles! We would have so much fun gardening together, eh? ❤

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