U is for Upset Pets

Guys! It took me 22 hours to remember I hadn’t done the post for today. U was on of the few letters for which I didn’t have a plan. This last week has been crazy, crazy, crazy. It turns out not having the perfect U topic was revealed to me this morning. A few days ago Wayne told me the city was planning on shutting our power off today so they could do work nearby. When I woke up this morning it was still on but I could hear the crews outside making lots of noise. ZuZu was snuggled next to me instead of playing outside like she usually does when people are around. When I finally dragged myself out of bed…to the couch…ZuZu was pacing. Every room I went to she would follow me, pacing, whining. I felt bad but I wanted to get a shower in before the lights went out…which didn’t end up happening. I ended up lighting some candles in order to see and by the time I got done all 3 critters had pushed open the door and were hanging out with me.

From room to room they followed me. I considered leaving but there were 5 big city trucks & our landscaping crew outside and for a while my car was blocked in. I had planned on spending the morning reading and baking cupcakes. Cupcakes were out but reading sounded like a great idea. Zu and I snuggled on the bed but the generator started up again and one of the trucks was backing up making the beeping sound. Zu immediately jumped up and started pacing. When she headed for her under bed cave I decided we would all go back to the bathroom. It’s the closest I could get to a protective cave. It’s small. It’s dark. It’s quiet. It was the perfect place. So for 2 hours we just chilled in the bathroom.

ZuZu still paced when she heard a loud noise but most of the time she curled up next to me. Chubbs scampered in a little bit later, Roma followed a few minutes after that. I could tell the cats were upset at their nap time being disturbed but I don’t think they were actually scared by the noise. Being followers they naturally had to be in the same room as us.

ZuZu hiding

When my car was finally free I decided to take Zu out of the house to run some errands. I also needed to charge my phone. Since the bathroom was too dark to read my book and the iPad wasn’t charged I spent the bathroom time surfing Pinterest on my phone. My phone, having started halfway charged, didn’t last long. I spent the next two hours driving around the side streets and playing at the park. By the time we made it back home the power was finally back on!

There’s very few instances that any of the pets are truly upset. There were a few times after we adopted ZuZu that she scared easy and I didn’t know how to help her. I bought some of the calming pills but she just spit them out. I think I still have the full bottle in the back of a closet somewhere. Now I stay with her whenever she’s scared, hoping that she’ll sense I’m not afraid and she will calm. Removing her from the situation would be the next best solution. Today both of them worked to help make her a happier dog!

Zu at the park

Much happier at the park!

How do you handle when your pets are upset?



6 thoughts on “U is for Upset Pets

  1. It was terribly inconsiderate of the city power people to upset you all so much. Luckily we don’t upset easily – we’re fine with thunder & lightning and with fire works, anything else we just bark at.
    Wally & Sammy

  2. It is hard when they get upset..the boys here only hate thunder..they bark but don’t panic..if the barometric pressure changes Forrest paces the fence line…poor bub..we just call him in and snuggle and play..:) hugs Fozziemum xx

  3. Hi ZuZu! When our Mommy sees us scared of something, she comes over and holds us until we stop being scared. We love how our Mommy takes care of us, as she is so thoughtful. It would have been fun to hang out with you in your bathroom in the dark, we could have drank from the sink!

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