Visit A Penguin

V is for Visit A Penguin

Today is World Penguin Day. In honor of that I invite everyone to take some time today and watch penguins. There are several Penguin Cams to be viewed.  The one that I’ve been watching all morning is from SeaWorld Orlando and I’ve included the link below.

Or better yet visit your local zoo to see some live penguins! If I had planned this right I would have scheduled a trip down to see them and taken pictures. (Not that I need more pictures of penguins). Never fear though! I was able to track down a couple pictures taken from our visit to the San Francisco Zoo several years ago.

Swimming penguins
Penguins - SF

V is also for VERY Cute

Have you guys seen the Zonkey? The baby zebra/donkey mix born at a Mexican zoo. It is just absolutely adorable. It’s striped legs look like little leg warmers! I just can’t get over how cute this little guy is.


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