Weird Colorado

W is for Weird Colorado

Have you guys heard of the Weird U.S. series that features crazy local and roadside America attractions? We have some fun things to see around Colorado so I thought it would be fun to make our own dog friendly Weird Colorado.

Starting in Fort Collins we have the Campbell’s Soup Can which is located in front of the Art School buildings.
Then we traveled to the Library to pose with a statue of Annie, The Railroad Dog. For many years in the 30’s & 40’s she would greet people at the train station. Her statue and a path dedicated to her are at the library while her grave is located several blocks away at the Downtown Transit Center.
Annie's Walk

Zu stopped to pose in Jazz Alley which runs between a couple buildings in downtown Fort Collins. A huge mural is dedicated to historical figures and musical artists of the past & present including Billie Holiday, Johnny Cash, Miles Davis, John Lennon, Marilyn Monroe, Art Garfunkel, Jimmy Buffet, Bob Dylan….to name a few.
Jazz Alley
Alley 2
Zu tried to go after a cat on the wall…it took her a while to realize it was painted on there!
Facing off with the cat

As part of the Art in Public places program Fort Collins has Pianos About Town where local artists paint pianos that are placed all over downtown. Each year a new artists bids to paint a piano and every few months a new painted piano is ready. In the summer the painting takes place wherever the piano is located and can be watched by passersby. In the winter they are moved inside until they are finished. When the piano is finished it’s available for anyone to play.

Pianos About Town

Our journey to find more Weird Colorado attractions took us to Denver, specifically the Denver Art Museum and the nearby Denver Public Library, both located close to downtown Denver.
Denver Art Museum
Blue thing

Broom & Dustpan
Broom rules
Big coal looking thing

Art and Zu

Around the corner from the museum is the library with an interesting enormous chair with a horse.
Denver Public Library
Big chair and horse

Our adventure ended with some ice cream at an awesome ice cream shoppe called Little Man Ice Cream which is located a few blocks from LoDo. It had started to rain and I didn’t want to get the Nikon wet so I snapped a quick picture of Wayne and Zu in front. I’d like to get a better picture sometime…which is really just an excuse to eat more wonderful ice cream!
Little Man Ice CreamThe convention center has an enormous blue bear that looks into the second floor. Our adventure was finishing right around rush hour and getting through traffic and finding a place to park would have been insane so we skipped it as well as stopping to take photographs with the art in front in the theatre district. I did get a picture as we were driving by though!

This concludes Zu’s Weird Colorado. My goal is to start finding more fun attractions to show you guys.

What fun or weird things do you have in your city or state?


13 thoughts on “Weird Colorado

  1. Clever idea! I have Weird New Jersey and Weird Florida books and enjoy reading about strange things in each state. You made it even more interesting with your dog in the pictures.

  2. What amazingly cool things and a great idea for a post. The piano and the chair with the horse were Mom’s favorites. Wish you’d shown the bear. We have some pretty unusual things around our city as well. XO, Lily Olivia, Mauricio, Misty May, Giulietta, Fiona, Astrid, Lisbeth & Calista Jo

  3. Fantastic! Just one question, did you ask the broom about appropriate cleaning products for multi pet households? 🙂
    (Note to Zu: Brychwyn SO would have helped you try to catch that mural cat!)

  4. I love public art – and that is some awesome stuff!
    The signage is too much: Do NOT caress the broom. lol! (Caressing apparently not covered in the do not touch instruction?)

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