Xyzlacatosis & Xerxes

…struck with knowledge that there are few words in the English language beginning with x, y, and z..

Okay, so I wasn’t suddenly struck with this knowledge but I’ve been perusing the X,Y, Z section looking for fun words and came across this one. There are some interesting words that start with X. Some definitions I’d prefer to forget….

I was trying to find a word that could lead to an interesting post but I fear I’ve failed on that. Instead you can look at some pictures about my half blind childhood cat Xerxes. Xerxes was born a normal kitten with 2 eyes. Not long after he got an infection and his eye became one giant scab that fell off piece by piece. It was really gross at first but after a while it was just fascinating to stare at.


As usual the pictures I have of him aren’t the best…I can’t tell if he has both eyes or just one. He adjusted to having only one eye. It didn’t stop him from hunting or tussling with the other cats.

Xerxes & ZeusHe was a scrappy cat, probably because he was down one eye. Just another of my clan of misfit cats. 🙂



4 thoughts on “Xyzlacatosis & Xerxes

  1. Reminds me of a student I had with one eye. The eye had been removed because of cancer. He had a glass eye but most of the students did not notice it. But if he looked to the right or left the glass eye starred straight.

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