Y is for Younglings

Youngling is the first thing that came to mind when I thought of the letter Y. I had just looked at all these cute pictures of Roma as a kitten and the word just popped into my head. But I’m going to throw a little nerd knowledge at you guys.

“Youngling” is a common term for Jedi initiate, a child in the first stages of Jedi training. It is also a generic, species-neutral word for a young child.
– Star Wars Glossary

If you’ve ever spent any amount of time with my husband (or read some of my posts) you know he’s a HUGE Star Wars fan. His fascination with it rubs off on me and I start unconsciously referring to Star Wars. Unfortunately for this post and all of you reading it it’ll now be affecting you.

Anyway, back to my youngling Roma. She’s the only one I have baby pictures of and boy was she a cutie. She’s also the only one we’ve had that was truly a baby when we got her.

Roma kitten

Chubbs was a year old and had already grown into her chunkiness. ZuZu was 10 months when we got her so she too was already grown up. I see puppies every now and then that I think she would have looked like them. I can only imagine her as a pup. She did have some puppy fat that she’s shed since but otherwise she looks the same. The pictures below were taken on our drive home from the shelter and the next day at the dog park.
ZuZu pup

ZuZu pup

Roma was a feisty little kitten. She was only 6 weeks old when we adopted her and even though she was teeny tiny she was scrappy. Chasing Chubbs around was her favorite pastime. One day she stole an entire piece of pizza off the table. The piece was bigger than she was and she could only drag it across the floor, growling the whole time.
Roma mouse
Playing with tail

I’m pretty impressed I was able to put cats and Star Wars together in harmony. Tomorrow is the last day of the month which means letter Z has finally arrived! See you guys tomorrow. 🙂





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