Candlelight dinners & long walks on the beach

Candlelight dinners & long walks on the beach…

That’s the answer I gave Wayne when he asked what hedgehogs like to do. Then I laughed at my own joke while he looked at me like I was nuts. I still think it’s funny. 🙂

Yesterday everyone met Bramble (or if you follow me on Twitter or Instagram you met her on Saturday). She is a 2 year old hedgehog; she’ll turn 3 in July. Her quills are mainly white but the top of her head is black/brown. She’s very small or at least she is compared to my last hedgie.


My first hedgie was Sonica….I know, it’s clever.. 😉


I’ve been looking into adopting a hedgehog for a while now and I finally got the chance this past week! I’ve been calling her Lady B because it’s what popped into my head. Wayne wants to change her name to Bernice but I think Bramble is cute. We decided her official name can be Bramble Bernice and as a compromise we’ll call her Lady B.


On Friday evening I enlisted a couple friends to drive down with me to Colorado Springs. From work it’s a 2 hour drive in normal traffic. Unfortunately it was Friday night in rush hour so we spent an extra 30-45 minutes trying to maneuver the I-25 parking lot and drive around Denver instead.It’s longer but I prefer moving instead of sitting in traffic.I spent a few minutes meeting Bramble & chatting with the woman and then we set off on the return trip. She spent most of the trip hiding in her cave, occasionally snuffling. I dropped my friends off and when I came back to the car Bramble was out roaming around. She stayed out for a few minutes but by the time I got home (another hour later) she had gone back to her cave.

I put her in the living room while I carried all her things in. The other 3 were circling her cage when I got back inside. After letting them sniff her for a few minutes I moved her into the guest room to set up her cage. It was after 11 and I had to be up for work at 5 so I didn’t get a lot of time to spend with her. I shut the door to keep everyone out. Chubbs lay outside the door, staring under the crack. When I got up in the morning she was still there. Usually the cats will get up right away and follow me around, with ZuZu only getting up after I feed the cats. But they all were waiting at the guest room door waiting for me to open it. We all spent a few minutes watching B on her wheel.

(It’s hard to see but when I move the camera to the right ZuZu is staring intently at the wheel.)

Hangin' hedgiesThis is just my favorite picture! I can’t get over how cute she is! She was out roaming around, exploring the house. She climbed up on the bottom shelf right next to the stuffed hedgehog my mom knit for me. It was just too cute not to get a picture of. Of course the critters were also nearby investigating her.

Right now I’m just working on socializing her to the crew and house. She snuffles a bit when I pick her up but as soon as she smells me she pops her head back out. She loves to run around the house. I have to follow her around and try to guess where she might go so I can deter her if needed (or pick up the poop she leaves behind). She slipped under the couch and had a blast under there. She ran back and forth bumping her head against the fabric above her head. Letting her roam free won’t happen too much since there are so many places she can hide but I want her to get used to the house and to the critters so for now I’ll let her investigate at her own pace.

Zu is having a bit of trouble adjusting to this new pokey creature. She’s snapped at her a few times resulting in smacks on the nose and time spent in her house outside. Other times Bramble will run right up to her and they’ll just stare at each other until Bramble decides she wants to see something else. I’ve spent a lot of time petting Zu and telling her “Friend.” In time I’m pretty sure Zu will learn to leave her be.

I’ve decided Bramble’s blog chronicles will be called Happy Quills and I’ve started my own hashtag on Instagram with it. I look forward to sharing more adventures with you guys!


11 thoughts on “Candlelight dinners & long walks on the beach

  1. OMG, I never knew you could adopt a hedgie! She is so adorable! I can’t wait to see more photographs of her! I hope everyone gets along! How big will she get?

    • They’re illegal to have as pets in some states so I’m really glad Colorado allows it! I’ve spent the weekend taking pictures of her. I finally had to delete some because they all look the same, lol! She’s full size; she’s about the length of my hand so not very big. So cute though!!

  2. Too much like a rat or mouse for my liking I’m afraid. Plus…I’m afraid of so many animals. I’m continuing to blog a-z in May and so am still having fun making my way through the linky.

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