It would help if this had a title…

I completely forgot to title this post when I published it!

ZuZu had her yearly checkup at the vet last week.
The vet, the vet!

She’s always happy, no fear for her when it comes to the doctor, but it doesn’t stop her from trying to get outside whenever anyone is near the door.

Let's go

There’s a bit of pacing to be done during the wait between the tech and vet but usually she’ll either sit on the bench next to me or lay on the floor. Occasionally she’ll hear something outside the door and stare at it curiously, wondering what could be happening without her on the other side.

Can we go yet?

The appointment always goes well and this year was no different.There’s always lots of love to go around for the vet and the techs. Of course their bowl of treats is helpful in winning her over. Other than a couple minor (and very understandable) anxiety attacks the appointment went smoothly. The first was when the tech came at her back end to take her temperature; the second when she refused to take her Bordetella through the nose and had to get a shot instead.

Our only bad news was when Zu was told she needed to lose a couple pounds. She’s currently weighing in at 42.9. It’s recommended she be around 40-41. My year long recovery from foot surgery has taken its toll and I’m guilty of giving her too many treats because she’s so darn cute. With the weather getting warmer (not counting the annoying snow storm we had over the weekend) I’ll be getting her out more often and get those few pounds shed!



13 thoughts on “It would help if this had a title…

    • I just found your blog and will be following it. I am astounded at the clarity of your photos! You REALLY have learned your way around a camera!
      Also, if you ever have time to read dog stories, stop by my blog,, where I’m posting chapters from my book-in-progress, “Funny Tails: Adventures and Misadventures in Living with Pugs.” It’s a lighthearted look at life with our 3 pugs plus various pugs we’ve fostered for Pug Rescue of North Carolina.
      Best wishes,
      Maija (pronounced My-uh)

  1. Hahaha, Dr. Robinson referred to Piper as “fluffy” back in the fall. Then a vet who was subbing early this year said that she is at her “winter weight.” I wish she would run with Ollie and I! It would make my life easier… maybe it’s her way of encouraging me to be more active though “first you run with him, now you walk with me!”

  2. Nikita needs to lose a few pounds too. Our winter was too brutal and the snow was too high for much play outside. Walks and cutting her food & treats back a bit will definitely help too. Nikita turns into a big baby at the vets office when she has to go beyond the waiting room. It is all fun and games while she sniffs other dogs in the waiting room, but when it is her turn, she has to literally get dragged into the back room. I feel bad for her but they won’t let me in there with her when she gets her nails cut. I swear that photo of Zu waiting by the door looks exactly like Nikita!!!

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