Reflecting on April, Looking ahead for May

I’ll do a brief reflection of the A-Z Challenge and then fill you guys in on my upcoming plans!

The challenge was a lot easier for me this year. I knew what to expect so I had a better plan in place for getting all my posts published on time. The first half of the month I had posts scheduled ahead of time. Once it got to the middle of the month there were a few last minute posts that were cutting it a little close to not making it for the day. Those were the ones where I had to venture out of the house or something came up and I didn’t have the post material.

The pet blog hop with Cascadian Nomads was a great idea and it made finding other pet bloggers so much easier. It is definitely something I think we should do each year. I have to be honest and say I spent most of my time visiting them as opposed to the actual A-Z list. However, due to my own busy schedule, I found I didn’t have as much time for browsing blogs as I did last year. I feel guilty because I didn’t visit as many of you guys or new blogs as I should have. We were out of town several times so scheduling was perfect but then I didn’t make myself go back and catch up when I got back. So thank you to all of you who followed each and every post; your comments made my day and if I didn’t reply back to you I’m sorry but know I read them and they were appreciated!

Lastly, I’ve picked 2 of my favorite posts from the challenge: Arthur’s Rock and Weird Colorado. I got to spend a couple days enjoying the beautiful outdoors and playing tourist in my own state and they were my favorite to write.

Today is 2 weeks that Lady B has been a part of the Zu crew and so far the cats are the only ones adjusting. Roma could care less about her unless she’s out scurrying about the house. Occasionally Chubbs will lay next to the cage…always in close to proximity to the heat lamp. ZuZu is on constant alert, always watching. The moment she hears or sees the hedgehog moving around she is standing over the cage, following me around when I’m holding her, following Lady B around when she’s wandering, etc.  ANY time there is movement Zu is right there to investigate! Example: Yesterday Zu was sleeping in the bedroom. In the living room I had Lady B in her snuggle sack just enjoying a nice afternoon lounge. Wayne comes by and pats the bag which immediately riles up the hedgie and she starts clucking and snuffling. Next thing I know ZuZu is running into the living room, face inches from the hedgehog. Silly dog just doesn’t understand why this beast is living comfortably in our house!

Now for the exciting plans! My friend is having her baby next week so I’m off to the great state of Montana to spend the week with her and help watch her two little princesses. I foresee lots of dance parties, Frozen and coloring in my future. I can’t wait! When I come back ZuZu and I are running the Fire Hydrant 5K. I’m really close to my (very small) goal of $200. Donations are accepted through June 30 so if anyone has interest in donating to our cause you can click here. And last but not least in June I’m going to Nicaragua for a missions trip!

The last months, weeks, days have been spent preparing for the trip to Nicaragua. I’m very excited for it and can not believe it’s finally arriving! Wayne has official work things to do so he won’t be able to join me on the trip so I’m sad about that but feel better knowing he will be looking out for our kiddos.

This post will probably be the last for several weeks. I might try to get one in between my trips but in case I can’t don’t hold your breath. 😉 If you follow me on Instagram I’ll probably be posting a few pictures here and there for the next couple of weeks but once June arrives I will be without technology until the 15th. Once I’m back and rested I’ll have lots and lots and lots to share and will be looking forward to catching up with everyone!

Until then!


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