Happy Quills

This past Friday was Lady B’s 7th week as a member of the Zu Crew. If you follow me on Instagram you’ve seen some super adorable pictures of her. If you don’t no fear! I’ll have lots of cute pictures of her today. But seriously you should be following me….

As I mentioned in my first posts after the quilled arrival Wayne and I had been debating what her official name should be. As an agreement we had decided to call her Lady B until we had a final decision. However we’ve used Lady B so much that it’s officially become her name. Nicknames include B, The Beast, Creature, or Quilled One.

Lady B

After a couple weeks with us I decided I wanted to make her fleece liners for her cage. So I embarked on a fabric shopping spree. While I was there I found some really awesome fabric that was perfect but maybe too much pizzazz for a full liner. So I ended up buying several small swatches to make snuggle sacks. She very much enjoys curling up in them and we spend lots of time together reading or watching reruns of Arrested Development.
Snuggly hedgieThe cats have resumed their natural disinterest unless it’s affecting them directly. Occasionally we let B out to roam at which point both cats bob their heads and wiggle their butts as if to give chase but that only lasts for a few seconds before they give up. That’s pretty much the extent of their involvement although Chubbs really likes to bask in the glow of the heat lamp when we have it on.

Zu & B

ZuZu still can’t quite comprehend, even after all this time, what this creature is doing in our house, let alone hanging out on the couch or the bed. There was one afternoon ZuZu was snoozing in the bedroom, on the bed of course, and I was chilling on the couch with Lady B in her snuggle sack. We were in the living room, 2 rooms away from the dog. Wayne comes by and pats the sack which causes B to snuffle in irritation. Before I know it Zu is at my side, eager to know what was happening with the hedgehog.

She’s definitely a character and her little personality has evolved as she’s gotten to know us. No longer does she hide when we come near, even when ZuZu is in her face, which happens quite often. She’s quite squirmy though and doesn’t like to be held unless she’s near/in her snuggle bag. On occasion she will let me hold her for several minutes before she wants to explore.

Here’s a couple Ruby & hedgie selfies to end the post. Don’t mind the 2nd one where I look like a 12 year old. I’m never smiling like that again…
Rubes & B
Lady B

I’ll have more updates and funny Lady B stories so stay tuned to Happy Quills!


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