The Travels of Ruby: Montana

My travels took me to Montana in May. While I was there I helped take care of my friend’s 2 little girls while she was in the hospital having her first boy!

The journey to Montana got off to a rocky start when my flight was delayed leaving only 15 minutes to catch my connecting flight in Salt Lake City. Time was spent on the phone with Delta trying to figure out what the best course of action would be. They weren’t very helpful; their options were 1) attempt to make the connection, 2) miss the connection and be put up in a hotel in Salt Lake and take a flight the following day, or 3) take the flight the following day. I decided to take my chances and headed off to DIA. At the Delta ticket counter the man helping me was an obstinate little man. He kept insisting there was no way I could possibly make my connection, talking to me like I was an idiot, while I continued to tell him “Yes sir, I’m aware there is a delay. Yes, I’m aware I may miss the connection. Etc,etc.” This went on until I finally just took my ticket and left.

When I made it to the gate I talked to the agent who was many times nicer than the ticket agent. She checked the status of my delayed flight and looked to see what terminals I’d be landing/leaving from in Salt Lake. Not wanting me to miss my connection she got me transferred to a direct flight on United. It took less than 10 minutes and she accomplished more than everyone else before her.

Everything from that point on went smoothly (minus my snafu with my sandwich going briefly airborne when I dropped my phone on the lid of the container. Luckily for me and the person next to me it landed back in the container.) The only downside to changing flights was that it didn’t leave for another 3 hours. It worked out well because it gave me time to finally read the book that I’d been trying to read for 2 months. I’d checked it out of the library 3 times already and each time only made it a chapter. I really enjoyed each chapter but found I just didn’t have time to read. This was my last chance too because it was due back during my Nica trip so I had to finish it within the week.

CokeThe nice thing about being in the very last row is you get the entire can of your drink
(as long as it was new to begin with). Score!

My first couple of days were spent with my friend and her princesses. We made our way around town and around the Air Force base, where she lives, so I could find my own way around. I’ve only been on one base before for a training for work so this was a new experience for me. Trying to remember where everything was took a couple days but eventually I could drive around without my map. The only thing I had to remember was to stop for the national anthem which is played every afternoon at 4:30. While I was there I couldn’t quite place what felt off and it wasn’t until I was home that I realized how quiet it was on the base. There was no traffic, no sirens, not even a dog barking. I actually enjoy some city noise, too much silence makes me feel weird. But it was also very nice to not be woken up by that same noise during nap time. 😉

Sleepy Maci Snuggling with stuffed animals

The next few days I got to spend lots of time snuggling with my favorite little girls. I also got to see The Little Mermaid three times. And I was amazed by the amount of questions a 3 year old can get out in the span of 60 seconds. “Who is King Triton? Why is he the king? Why is his name Triton? What’s a mermaid?” and so on and on and on. I realized quickly that most of the questions are filler and don’t actually require a real answer, mostly just an acknowledgement of the questions was acceptable.

Miss Abigail
There were also a few moments of “I don’t understand the mind of a 3 year old!!!” where I’m sure I just stared at her with a baffled look on my face while I tried to figure out the best response.

Story time

We spent lots of time reading too. The girls took turns sitting on my lap while the other went in search of a new book. The few times we ventured out to the park I maneuvered the double stroller but I’m not the best at turning corners so we went off road a few times. Luckily the girls found it very amusing. 🙂

Of course the best part of the trip was meeting the new baby! I love when they are that tiny! The day after he was born the girls & I headed in to the hospital to meet the new little one. The girls were so cute meeting their new brother. I had dressed them both in their “Big Sister” shirts so it was really adorable. I also got baby’s first selfie so he’s officially been introduced to the social world.

Baby Lincoln Little pengiun

My little cutie

I’m trying to plan another visit this summer where we can check out some of the wonders Montana has to offer and not just the midget wrestling advertised at the local casino. 🙂

Stay tuned for more travel adventures. I just unpacked the suitcase that had my camera so I haven’t even uploaded my Nica pictures yet. I told you this was going to be slow.


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