Fire Hydrant 5K 2014

This year the Fire Hydrant 5K was a weekend earlier than normal. It’s usually the first or second weekend in June but it was held on Memorial Day weekend this year which worked out well for the timing of my Nica trip. I would have been bummed if I would have missed our annual event!

This year we walked instead of running because we had a couple friends joining us. As usual ZuZu hopped in every pool along the route, not wanting to move when other dogs tried to join her.

Pool time

No one else can enter

RWZPhoto op

I entered Zu in the contests to see how talented she was. The first was a sit contest where you were given 30 seconds to see how many times you could get your dog to sit in that time. I wasn’t prepared so we only got 11 sits. But since she usually won’t sit when other activities are happening around her I considered it a success.

Bobbing for frankfurters was hilarious. The girl put three cut up pieces of hot dog in the tub of water. ZuZu, not understanding, just stared at the water wondering why her treat had sunk to the bottom. The girl then picked up one of the pieces for her to smell and dropped it before she could eat it. Zu dunked her nose but came up snorting water. It probably took 3 or 4 minutes of coaxing and encouragement before she finally plunged her face in and grabbed one of the piece. All of the sudden she was like “hey, there’s hot dogs in there!” But by that time we were in last place.

Bobbing for frankfurters

The last contest was a catching contest where you see the farthest you can be from your dog and still have them catch the treat. ZuZu just stared at the treat as it went flying through the air and followed it’s trail all the way to the ground. Then she snagged it and ate it.

They had a peanut butter eating contest but I think it was later in the morning and we had already determined ZuZu wasn’t cut out for competing; although I think that contest she could have come out on top. Next year… In the meantime we’re going to start practicing our talent so we can beat all the other dogs at the next Fire Hydant 5K!



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