Travels of Ruby: Nicaragua Day 1

Guess what guys?! I’m finally posting about my trip. (For anyone who may have missed the many times I’ve mentioned it I traveled to Nicaragua at the beginning of June for a missions trip.) I’ve actually had this written for a while but I couldn’t remember where I put the memory card to my camera so I couldn’t upload the pictures. Then I remembered I had never unpacked one of my suitcases (yes, I’m very lazy) and found the camera there!

I’ve broken the trip up into 3(ish) posts because I didn’t want to turn the posts into novels. On a side note I think I’ve decided to write a book…things could get interesting. Today is about our journey to the wonderful country of Nica.

Anyway, the trip started like this…

On our way to Nica

Eight of us piled into the church van while the other 3 were chauffeured in a different vehicle. Our driver was a friend of our missions coordinator and none of us had met her before. She was a fan of speed and for most of the drive she had her blinker on. When it was pointed out she stated “That’s how old people drive.” And thus began the goofiness of the trip.

United was nice enough to open 2 separate check in counters for our group. All of us had a large checked suitcase, a carry on suitcase and a backpack so there was quite a bit of chaos for us to be in the regular line. 🙂 We all picked a travel buddy that we’d stick with for the duration of the trip. There were several times the group split up so we all needed someone to keep account of us in case someone wandered off!
My travel buddy!

Our tickets are purchased in alphabetical order and since legally my last name starts with an A I got the window seat! It also meant I got to board earlier which was very exciting for me. I’m the type of person who arrives at the airport, breezes through security and walks on the plane. Arriving hours before my flight is not something I do often.

We're cool, that's rightI was the brightest person in our group thanks to my neon sweater. 🙂

Travel buddies
We had a connection in Houston from Denver where we met another person who was flying in from New York. From there we headed to Managua.  The flight was relatively short for an international flight; only 3 hours and we were in the same time zone as Colorado so jet lag wouldn’t be an issue. We arrived around 9:30 pm and were immediately met with the humidity as we stepped onto the jetway. I’m no stranger to humidity but after living in Colorado for many years I’ve definitely forgotten what it’s like.  We do have occasional muggy days but really it’s nothing compared to Nicaragua.

We made it through customs fairly smoothly. Only 2 people were stopped to have their luggage searched but within minutes we were headed out of the airport into a crowd of people. Some are there to pick up people, some are there trying to make money by carrying luggage.

The twelve of us piled into a bus (along with our 25+ pieces of luggage) and headed for Jinotepe. We did make one stop at the convenience store Super 7 which is exactly like a 7Eleven. Our trip into the mountains was around an hour. We opened all the windows (minus the ones that were holding the luggage inside the bus) and the breeze felt great! More group selfies were taken and a few people graced us with song. As we neared Diriamba it started to get insanely windy and suddenly having the windows open wasn’t such a great thing.

We were staying at Brazos de Amor and we arrived somewhere around midnight. As we headed to our rooms a big tarantula was there to greet us. Of course I had to run over and get a picture. Snakes are my weakness; giant spiders are actually kind of cool as long as they don’t bite and/or kill me.

By the time our bug nets were up we were all pretty tired. The humidity had left a fine layer of stickiness all over my skin and I was so thankful to take off the sweater I had been wearing all day. Crawling (and I mean that literally since I had to crawl under my net) seemed a better idea than a shower at the time and thus ended our day of travel.

I’ll have lots more pictures over the next posts and I’ll share some of the amazing things that we did and saw while in Nica. Stay tuned!


5 thoughts on “Travels of Ruby: Nicaragua Day 1

  1. OH….MY….DOG! Your crazy!!! If I saw a spider that big I would have ran the other way quicker then a bat outta hell! NO WAY! Terrified of the things! Even the little ones here in Canada! Uh uh, no way!
    BUT, your trip pics looks like you guys were having a blast though! I am always the brightest one in a group as well! I love bright colors! Neon pink and green are my favs of course.
    ღ husky hugz ღ frum our pack at Love is being owned by a husky!

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