A Lady B Disaster

Have you ever had those moments where you feel like a terrible pet parent? Well I had one of those the other day.

We woke up early Wednesday to get our errands done and head off to our house inspection. (Oh yeah…we found a house!!) Anyway, I always peek in to see what shenanigans B was up to during the night. Some nights we wake up to find she’s burrowed under her liner or has knocked over her water dish. The room she’s in is very dark so it was hard to see but it looked like she had pooped everywhere! She always poops in her wheel and then runs through it so I have to clean her wheel every day. But this time her whole liner was a mess!

BurrowingUnder the bag

In the evening, I woke her up to give her a bath. She was really enjoying it and splashing around. I washed her little feet off and she even let me clip her back nails. I had gotten several nails done before she started getting feisty and wiggling everywhere. All of the sudden there was blood everywhere! I had accidentally clipped too far on her nail during her wiggling. I rushed her back to her cage, searching frantically for her styptic powder. She’s squirming everywhere, I’m freaking out, there’s blood everywhere. Trying to get her the powder on her paw was impossible so I grabbed her leg and dunked it in the bottle. I put her back under her cave and she immediately licked the powder off. So I would get her out and put more powder on to stop the bleeding. This went on for a while until finally I let her be but kept an eye on her. She would try licking it and I would try and stop her. I didn’t want to elevate her heart rate more than it was so I just let her do her own thing and observed from the floor. ZuZu and the cats joined me so we could keep an eye on her. Finally after an hour the bleeding had stopped enough that I felt okay leaving her completely.

I had gone back and looked closer at her liner and saw that it was dried blood, not poop. She must have gotten her little paw stuck in her wheel during the night and it pulled part of her nail off. While I was giving her a bath I had washed off the dried blood and then accidentally clipped the wrong nail when she pulled her foot away. The whole thing was just a disaster. The wheel is a different story. Several weeks ago her heat lamp had gotten too close to her wheel and had melted it a bit. All her running must have loosened the clips in its weakened state and a little hole appeared between the two wheel parts. I duct-taped the seams of the wheel so there’s no way she can get stuck again…for the time being. But I still feel like a horrible hedgehog mom! I was up several times in the night to make sure she was okay. She was in her wheel quite a bit; obviously she feels up to her regular run. The last two days I’ve left her to her own devices and she’s ventured out to run and eat so I’m confident she’s feeling better.

She’s still got a couple nails that should be clipped but I’m afraid to do it now. I’ve read that running in the wheel helps to wear them down but a couple are quite long and I don’t want her to get caught again. Any advice would be welcomed!


4 thoughts on “A Lady B Disaster

  1. Mom keeps saying she is going to trim our claws, but then she chickens out and takes us to the vet. She even had the vet show her how, and she still won’t do it. She used to do the dogs claws, and had a few mishaps through the years. No suggestions from us. Hope all is well now. Have a great weekend. XO, Lily Olivia, Mauricio, Misty May, Giulietta, Fiona, Astrid, Lisbeth and Calista Jo

  2. One of the easier ways is if you have a wire top cage, set the wire part on the floor. Open the door, place the hedge on top. Her legs will dangle through the wire and just put your hand through the door and clip her nails. It’s difficult for her to walk on the wire top, so it’s harder for her to squirm as much and easier to get to her nails.

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