Bandit joins the chaos!

I realize I have been horribly absent this summer and I’m so, so sorry! We bought a house so between signing a million documents for that, work and everything else in between I barely have had a free moment to blog. And now we’ve adopted a new member of the family!


Bandit joined the family on Tuesday which happened to be National Dog Day! He’s 10 months Lab/Border Collie mix with a bundle of energy! He’s been adjusting well so far. He’s spending lots of time outside with toys he has dragged out there, running back and forth, squeaking as he goes.

He wants nothing more than someone to love him. He’s such a huge snuggle bug. When I’m on the floor or the couch he’ll come running over and jump up to just lay his head on my lap. There are some issues with his manners so I’ve got my hands full keeping him from jumping and not to bark at the cats when he sees them.

ZuZu is adjusting as well but still not quite sure why there is another dog in her house. They play well together until Zu decides she is done playing and will bark at him to leave her be. She’s hid in the basement a couple times, snoozing on the couch, while Bandit entertains himself upstairs.

The Kitty Fantasticas are not adjusting quite as easily. Bandit likes to chase and bark at them so he’s been whapped in the face a few times by an angry cat. They have lots of room to run around now, including the yard, so they usually make their escape leaving Bandit wondering where they went.

Bandit with his toys

As for Wayne he’s had to get used to a dog sleeping on the bed. Bandit curled between us the first night and by the middle of the night Wayne had moved out the the couch because Bandit kept pushing him closer to the edge. The last few nights he has slept in various places trying to find his favorite spot. These have included between Wayne and I, at the foot of the bed, under the bed with ZuZu, or on one of the many dog beds.

He’s so much fun and I just love him! I’ve also finally got free time again and some fun changes coming for fall so I’ll be back in the blogging world soon!


8 thoughts on “Bandit joins the chaos!

  1. A great big HELLO to Bandit! Welcome to the family! I am sure that Bandit will fit in just fine with all the chaos, they just want someone to love them – don’t we all?! By the way, congrats to both you and Wayne for finding a place to call your own! I am so happy for all of you!

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