Bandit vs Every Nice Thing I Own

Bandit’s combination of part lab and puppy makes him the naughtiest dog I have ever, EVER, had. He’s just so naughty! Since he’s arrived at the Zu household he has eaten numerous pairs of shoes, almost every shoelace in the house, an Xbox game, many books, the Sunday paper, a phone book, lots of Tupperware containers, toilet paper, every single one of Zu’s toys, 2 bras, socks, measuring cups, the grill cover, a collapsible cooler, most of the cat toys, both couch throws, all the throw pillow cases, a pan of brownies and 2 loaves of zucchini bread. My favorite moccasins now look like this…


And even through all of that I have disciplined him and then let it go. But the worst happened about a month ago when we came home from church to find he had demolished most of a couch cushion!! We tried to shove the stuffing back inside but it still looks like a mangled cushion.

Couch cushion

And in the last 2 weeks he has devoured 2 throw pillows.


A lot of the time I don’t think he’s maliciously chewing. I’ve watched him and ZuZu play and he’ll go to nip at her and accidentally get the couch instead of her fluffy tail and as soon as he realizes he’s got something tasty he takes off with it. He now has to be kennel whenever both Wayne and I are gone. Luckily he loves to lay in his house, even when he doesn’t have to, so I don’t think he minds too much. He just can’t be trusted on his own! ZuZu is the picture of perfection because she knows how much trouble Bandit gets in but we’ve come home twice to find something chewed up. Process of elimination and the fact that ZuZu looks guilty as sin means only she could have chewed the mangled item in question.

Bandit loves his rawhide bones and they keep him occupied enough that he leaves my things alone but he goes through the heavy duty ones in hours. I either have to buy stock in the rawhide company or I’ll go broke trying to keep the good quality ones stocked in the house.


I am looking into Nylabones because I know they are more durable but they also are expensive. Anyone have experience with them and serious chewers? I’d love to hear your advice or comments!


4 thoughts on “Bandit vs Every Nice Thing I Own

  1. I’m sorry, but I actually had to laugh when I got to the brownies and zucchini bread. Have never gone through this as seriously but have had both friends and family in this predicament. There was the golden retriever who had to have surgery to remove the spatula and my friends lab who ate everything in sight including a football phone. If Bandit doesn’t mind his kennel, until he can get some training that sounds like the solution. Good luck.

  2. Hi Guys! Do you have anything left for Bandit to chew after that long list of items? WOW! I have heard that there is a spray for purchase to spray on things you don’t want dogs to chew. You might have to look into that! If I can find it, I will send you the link. I hope you got our Christmas card by now! How are the house projects coming along? We miss you! ❤

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