A Review of Cinna-Bone

Our latest review product was the Cinna-Bone’s from Solid Gold.



I initially chose them because of the cinnamon. The health benefits of cinnamon in both humans and dogs is really good.It helps regulate their blood sugar, diabetes and arthritis. Sprinkle a little cinnamon on your dogs food next time they eat! Just beware of the kind of cinnamon. Cassia is the most common but can be dangerous at higher levels. Ceylon cinnamon is the better of the two and is available at most stores or spice shops.

Anyway, that was a complete diversion from the review!

As usual the package arrived very quickly and the dogs were very excited. This was Bandit’s first Chewy experience so he was especially excited. Due to his destruction of everything I had to hide them in the closet and ended up forgetting about the package for a week.

The treats are a holistic, healthy dog treat with great ingredients. They are sturdy treats as in they don’t break or crumble easily in the bag yet they are not too hard for the dogs to eat.

Ingredients: Barley Flour, Oat Flour, Pea Starch, Rolled Oats, Canola Oil (preserved with mixed tocopherols), Cinnamon, Lamb Meal, Fish Meal, Flaxseed Meal, Dried Seaweed Meal


I was impressed with the easy close seal and the dried bay leaf inside the bag. Although I’ll admit for a while I wondered if maybe I had left the treats open on the counter and I had dropped a bay leaf in the bag…I was not prepared for my dog treats to come with leaves. 🙂

The company Solid Gold is a reputable company. They are very dedicated to holistic food for your pet. The selection is great: all varieties of dog & cat food (including grain and gluten free) as well as treats and supplements. And the images on their bags are awesome as well as the food names. Love it!

Solid Gold website



Solid Gold Cinna-Bone’s: For the healthy, holistic aspect I give them 5 paws. However I do feel obligated to point out I don’t know if I would buy them again ONLY because I am very into baking my own healthy treats. And while these are reasonably priced* the ingredients are similar to things I have in my own house and would probably bake over buy.

*On Chewy.com they are $9.95.


After I write my review I always browse around the different sites reading others’ reviews of the treat. I came across this one from Amazon.com and it really made me laugh. It also has made me consider change my review writing style… Enjoy!

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on March 1, 2012
Verified Purchase
If I tasted them and loved them, what would that say about these treats? (It would say considerably more about me, I’m afraid.) If I tasted and hated them, ditto. So, what about describing my dogs’ reactions? Should not their behavior be an indicator? I can answer that in two words: Labrador Retrievers. I had a Lab who enthusiastically wolfed down auto-repair putty when my back was momentarily turned. Poor guy–he only lived 13 years after that incident. (Do not try this at home. It was a stupid error on my part, but I feel the need to confess it. I do not, however, plan on running for president. Of anything.) So the fact that the dogs inhale these cookies means only that they don’t taste like Brussels sprouts. That’s right, folks. My Labs hate Brussels sprouts. Was there ever animosity between Labrador and Belgium?Actually, that brings to mind the reviews that go: “I got my wife/husband one of these and she/he went totally nuts over it. It utterly transformed our marriage. In fact, we finally became pregnant the first night we tried it (this for a universal remote, if memory serves, which it does not.) OK, in that spirit:I bought these for my Labrador Retrievers. After a single cookie, the yellow Lab can do advanced Calculus. The black Lab is playing the moderato from Rachmaninoff’s second piano concerto (although having all those fingers and toes does confer a definite advantage over your typical human pianist.) My only complaint is the crumbs are getting between the keys of the piano. In future, I shall probably use the Cinna-Bones as rewards, away from the Steinway, rather than stimulants.


PS Would these reviews be more plausible if I were to insert a gratuitous apostrophe in the middle of the possessive pronoun, its? OK. My dog really likes it’s Cinna-Bones. Its as if he has been waiting all his life for them. Better?


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