Always an adventure!

The last few months I have been re-evaluating what my blog is all about. It started out as just a way to have some fun and then ZuZu got so many followers that I started leaning towards more of a pet blog. Lately though I’ve decided to steer away from that and come back to the original purpose: sharing our adventures (read: mishaps, shenanigans, ridiculousness….). So as I embark on the 2015 A-Z Challenge I will return to exactly that. This year’s theme is Always An Adventure. And adventures are abound in the Zu household! I mean, just yesterday I got lost driving to the terminal of DIA….an airport I have been to hundreds of times and yet somehow I found myself turning the wrong way with no idea how to get back on Pena Boulevard! There will be the Peep Extraordinaire that should have been a breeze and yet turned into a tray of peeps flying off the table onto the ground and my trip to Chicago in January that was so much fun but getting there was the worst experience ever, For a few letters I will have to seek out an actual adventure that I’m sure will start out as something simple and turn into the most ridiculous situation ever. I hope to see you along the way and that you have as much fun as I do. Here’s to adventures!


12 thoughts on “Always an adventure!

  1. Hi, I am dropping by as part of the a- z challenge. I enjoyed reading your post and am thrilled that you are a doggie lover. We will have much in common. I will look forward to your adventures.

  2. I’ve been re-evaluating my blog almost since A-Z ended last year… After 3 years of participating (and not being able to check out as many blogs as I want) this year I’m focusing on checking out blogs and figuring out what I like best about my 7 year old blog. (I’m a dog lover too!).

    • I am trying to focus on other blogs this year too! I always get caught up trying to publish my posts. I can’t wait to come over and check out your blog!

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