Back to the basics

By back to the basics I’m talking about being more earthy, organic and green. I recycle EVERYTHING humanly possible. We have one of the biggest recycling bins and our pickup is only every other week. Two days after pickup the bin is usually 3/4 of the way full. It drives Wayne crazy because I will pick through the trash if I think there was something thrown away that shouldn’t have been. I have mild anxiety attacks when we host parties because plates, paper cups, bottles, cans, etc are tossed in the trash. Usually during a party I will casually grab things out of the trash when no one is looking so that I don’t have to dump it all out at the end of the night. Because I will. And then I will enlist the stragglers to help me sort. I’m crazy. I know. But I can’t help it!

Back to basics for me also means getting every possible use out of everything. My parents give us beef and whole chickens so when I make a chicken I use the entire thing. All chicken gets eaten or made into a soup. I then boil the bones to make broth. After that the bones enjoy a 3 day soak in the crock pot before being pureed into bone broth for the dogs. There is no part of that chicken that goes to waste! Same goes for the eggs. They are eaten or baked and then the egg shells are ground into a fine dust for gardening or protein for homemade dog food.

It also equals DIY. A few weekends back I decided I wanted a headboard for our master bedroom. We purchased a king size bed last fall but only the frame and mattresses. King size headboards are ridiculously expensive. At least the one I want. So we just went without until I one day I was surfing Pinterest and saw a cute upholstered DIY headboard. So after Zumba one gorgeous Sunday afternoon I got the wild hair to go to Home Depot and get myself some lumber.(When I wrote that I was talking like Monica in the Friends episode “The One With Ross’s Teeth” where she tells Chandler to “Drink some beer and hammer up some drywall.” I tried to find a clip to show but found nothing!! If you’re a Friends fan you’ll know the voice I mean.) Anyway, I search Home Depot for the right lumber but quickly realized I had jumped into this completely unprepared. I didn’t really measure the bed so I Googled the comforter I had purchased and looked up the dimensions for the length and just guessed on the height. I searched for a really long time but the cheapest lumber I could find was $29. I had resigned myself to buying it because my heart was set on making this headboard that night. As I was looking for a cart big enough to haul my find I stumbled across a piece of lumber that was only $8.16. I was so excited! I did a quick Google search on the type of wood I was purchasing and according to Google it seemed fit to be a headboard. So I decided that would be my purchase. But I still didn’t have a cart. I looked everywhere and could not find the right one. Everyone was making huge Home Depot purchases so all the carts were occupied. I must have exited and entered the store at least 3 times. The girl greeting at the front kept saying hello and asking how I was so I’m not sure anyone really noticed I was wandering aimlessly. I finally was stopped by an employee in the lumber section who asked if he could help me. I had mentioned Zumba earlier because I was walking around in my workout clothes with disheveled hair, super sweaty and I probably did not smell the nicest. Anyway I told him I wanted to purchase a large piece of lumber and I pointed in the general direction. I’m pretty sure this guy thought I was an idiot because he gave me a confused look and asked if I was talking about 2×4’s. I explained that no, I wanted the lumber at the front of the aisle but I couldn’t find a cart. He tells me they are at the front of the store which I replied with “I know but they are all gone.” Again he gave me a confused look and started walking towards the front of the store.At the front where the carts normally are he just stopped and looked at me. By this time I just shrugged and told him I had looked several times. He eventually went out into the parking lot and came back with one. He hauled it around and cut it for me but I’m sure he was regretting asking me if I needed help. It was smooth sailing until I got out to my car and realized just how large it was. One of our vehicles is a Honda Element so the seats fold against the sides of the car and gives a lot of space. I managed to wrestle it most of the way in by myself but it got caught on Wayne’s golf clubs that I didn’t realize were in the back. I was trying to hold the board up with my leg while stretching my arms to move the golf clubs. I thought I was doing a fine job but must have been failing miserably because this nice man walking by stopped to help me and then another man loading his truck nearby came over to help. Between the three of us (really just the two of them) they got it wedged in the back. After they left I realized the back wouldn’t shut properly and had my first moment of “OMG what have I just done?” I ended up having to push both front seats as far forward as they would go but eventually I got the back shut. My drive home I was practically sitting in the dashboard and really couldn’t see out any of the windows.

When I got home I got to work making the headboard although Wayne really did most of the work. I had planned to do it myself but he was home so offered to cut the board to the correct size and do all the stapling. So really all I did was pick out the lumber and the fabric.

Headboard / Duvet

Don’t mind the fur and dead grass all over my duvet cover (which I also made 🙂 )…Bandit likes to roll outside and then shake all over the bed.

Bandit vs dead grass

Thankfully the headboard turned out beautifully or this whole debacle would have been for nothing. But it just goes to show that I can’t even go to Home Depot without it turning into something!


5 thoughts on “Back to the basics

  1. Your headboard turned out beautiful! I do the same thing too over here with our recycling. I pull things out of the trash just to recycle it. When we started recycling a few years ago, I was surprised on how much went into the recycling bin and we only ended up with one bag of garbage for the week.

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