Dedicated to the Dogs

I know the other day I said I was going away from “pet blog” but that didn’t mean I wouldn’t be posting about them! Today is just a look at my cute dogs and introducing my new dog-niece!

Zu and Bandit, who have been dubbed ZuBa, are just as feisty as ever….if not more actually.

This is a picture of Bandit in trouble and being sent to his kennel. ZuZu, upon hearing me yell at Bandit, decided she needed to be in the house as well. It’s so hard to stay mad at them when they are both bumbling around in the a dog house designed for one dog.

Recently we joined the dog park in our town that is run by the local vet clinic. It took forever for the pups to become members because their vaccine combos didn’t include the lepto vaccine. We had to see the vet at that clinic which took 3 hours since it was a walk-in visit. We were able to visit the park that day though so it was nice to just have it out of the way.

IMG_4365(Yes, I was stopped while I was taking that picture….)

Just this past week we went to our vet to get their lepto boosters. It was the first time I had taken the dogs to the vet by myself so I was a little worried what might happen. Bandit still doesn’t know how to react when he sees other dogs so he ends up howling as loud as his lungs will let him which usually riles up ZuZu until both of them are barking. We are slowly working on that but it’s slow because our dog park serves a town of 6,000 and not a lot of people end up there at the same time. Anyway…back to the vet. It was a great trip. They both behaved so well. I was so proud. And I was able to knock out Zu’s vaccines that were due next month and save us a trip (and a $50 exam) to the vet.


And now introducing Stevie Nicks….the dog! Yesterday my sister and her husband adopted little Stevie from the animal shelter. She’s 3 1/2 and absolutely adorable!


Stevie NicksI love those ears! It will be some time before I’m able to meet her in person but I can not wait!

Hope everyone has a wonderful Easter! I’ll be back on Monday with the Peep Extraordinaire. 😉


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