Easter Extravaganza

Did you all have a wonderful Easter? It’s hard to believe Easter is already over. I was so busy leading up to it that it didn’t quite feel like Easter this year. I work part time as a youth admin at a church so the last 2 weeks have been busy. My sister came out to visit this past week so she and Wayne were enlisted to help me with my tasks.


We didn’t do our normal youth services so we decided to hand out Easter treats instead. After a lot of time surfing Pinterest for ideas I settled on Peeps On A Stick (POAS). Our church’s theme was Life In Color and Peeps come in a gazillion colors/flavors now so it was perfect!  We even dyed bamboo skewers with food coloring to make it even more colorful!







Several peeps were dismembered for testing purposes during the making of the POAS. Now I have a hate-hate-hate relationship with Peeps. Really with marshmallows in general. I love the taste of marshmallow and a melted one over chocolate is never turned down but plain, ol’ marshmallows give me the heebie jeebies. But for the sake of knowledge I put that fear aside to try a couple flavored birds. Party Cake was an okay flavor. It definitely had a bit of cake taste to it. Not enough for me to eat more than a tiny bite but it wasn’t terrible. The picture below is a cheers to the Mystery Peep which tastes kind of like Pixy Stix and mellow Warheads. Or something tangy, sour along those lines. I couldn’t quite place it. It was interesting.


We also experimented with Peep Jousting. You stick a toothpick in two Peeps and place them across from each other in the microwave and start it for 30 seconds. Whichever Peep pokes the other first is the victor! So much fun but it takes some practice. You have to get them the right distance apart or they’ll just continue to expand until they either blow up or fall over.


The POAS were a huge hit. I was afraid I would have tons leftover and have to figure out what to do with them but we actually ran out right before our last service. It was perfect!

After church I had to rush to the store to pick up last minute groceries (aka everything needed for dinner) before meeting friends at our house for some good old fashioned Easter fun….Egg Russian Roulette.

Do you guys watch The Tonight Show? It is a great show! Jimmy Fallon is hilarious. I don’t watch it on a regular basis, mostly because I’m in bed by the time it comes on, but I love to watch endless clips of the show. If you do watch it then chances are you’ve seen Egg Roulette. And if you don’t watch it….

…now you can say you have!


Maybe it was beginners luck but I ended the game with no raw eggs! My cohorts were not so lucky…



The first little bit of the 2nd video is sideways but if you can get past that it turns right-side eventually!

So much fun! Every Easter needs a little egg roulette. 🙂

How did everyone spend their Easter? What fun traditions do you have?


3 thoughts on “Easter Extravaganza

  1. I’m not sure if I want to try Peep Jousting or Egg Roulette first! What a fun post. 🙂

    (Nice to meet you – popping over from A to Z Challenge to say hi!)

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