Fleetwood Mac

Last week Fleetwood Mac was in Denver  and my sister & I went to see them.

IMG_4555It was such a great concert! I wasn’t sure what to expect from a group that has been around for 40 years (albeit not together) and let’s face it….they are not spring chickens. But I was so impressed with them! They didn’t have an opening act which I think was a great decision, giving everyone a chance to get their money’s worth from the concert.

There were only a couple songs I didn’t know that well but it gave me a chance to rest my voice from all the singing and screaming. And to check out the rest of the people in the crowd. There were only a few people smoking the MJ nearby which did surprise me. The occasional whiff of smoke floated past but I had expected a giant haze to be covering the arena.


Our section was kind of a drag though. My sister and I were the only ones really getting into the concert, singing, dancing, general merriment. Everyone else sat down half the time or like the gentleman sitting next to me….checked their email. I was appalled!! Who spends that much on tickets and then checks their email, texts, browses Facebook, etc? There were a couple times when the stage lights were down so his phone was so bright it was distracting.

By the end of the concert I was reading his text messages. I know, I know. Very rude. But if you basically hold your phone in front of me while I’m trying to enjoy some Fleetwood Mac I will read your text messages! He was complaining to someone named Cindy about the fact that the encore includes a drum solo (which was amazing by the way) by Mick Fleetwood. His opinion was that it should have been earlier in the concert and not the beginning of the 3-song encore.

My pictures aren’t that great because I was dancing and singing while taking them but there were a few decent ones in the mix!




2 thoughts on “Fleetwood Mac

  1. Momma loves them. She saw them a bunch of times. A friend is going to Las Vegas this weekend to see them
    Lily & Edward

  2. Great band! They’ll be around on tour again real soon.

    Stephen Tremp
    an A-Z Cohost
    @StephenTremp on Twitter

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