G is for…

G is for lots of things. And not a single one of them could I think to write about. Somehow, every year, I forget a letter until the last minute. Sometimes I produce a work of genius and sometimes I got nothin’. Today is the latter. Nothing even semi-adventurous has happened to me that has anything to do with the letter G. I even tried to think of something random that I could write about and still came up with nothing! Here’s the list of things I went through in my head: Gum, Gold, Grapes, Gumbo, Goodreads, Glass, Gym.

Actually on the topic of the gym I did join a health club recently and took a barbell class which was a huge mistake. I’ve never taken one before and I was already running late so I just grabbed the first weights I saw. I only had 12lbs on each side but after an hour of constant lifting or push-ups 24lbs feels like a ton. If I hadn’t already made a scene dragging my equipment through the class I would have just tried to sneak out before the end. So I stuck it out and could barely move by the time I left! Let’s just say I haven’t been back to that class…

(Google Images)

That was a fairly boring story (even though I did feel like a complete idiot!) but it accomplished a little bit of “adventure” for the letter G. I swear the rest of the adventures will be more fun!


2 thoughts on “G is for…

  1. I’ve started back at the gum. It’s seven dollars a month special. No frills just a good old fashioned one room gym.

    Stephen Tremp
    A to Z Co-host
    Twitter: @StephenTremp

    • I like old fashioned gyms better. My gym has so much going on I never know what to do and spend more time looking at machines than actually working out. 🙂

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