Hewlett Gulch Trail

I forgot to actually post this yesterday for H…every year I forget to do that a couple times. But here it is!

Last fall we took Bandit on his first hike as part of the Zu crew. We decided on Hewlett Gulch Trail in the Poudre Canyon because it’s a relatively easy hike. Bandit had only been with us a couple months when we took him so his leash manners weren’t the best. He was never taught how to walk on one so he constantly pulls and runs all over the place. I was impressed with him on our hike though. I used a no-pull harness and it worked really well.


Both dogs thoroughly enjoyed themselves. It was a beautiful day to be out and about in nature. We followed the trail until we got to a field where it didn’t look like a trail anymore. I read after we were home that the actual Hewlett Gulch trail ends at specific geographic coordinates but there is a trail that keeps going and meets up with another several miles up. We didn’t have this information to start so we were just wandering around for 20 minutes before deciding to turn around and go back and have lunch.

This was the only time we had a problem with Bandit. I had slipped on a rock at the beginning and one foot got dunked in the water. We found a big rock near a beautiful tree and settled in. I took off my shoes and socks to let them dry out a bit while we ate. Everything was peaceful until another hiker with a dog came by. Bandit flipped out. In his efforts to get away from me and go see this new dog he knocked over everything around him. Normally it wouldn’t have been an issue but the rock we were sitting on was also next to a stream so all the stuff got knocked into the water! Socks, shoes, lunch, hiking bags. I ended up keeping the socks off because they were so gross. I clipped them to the outside of my bag but they kept falling of so we had to backtrack several times to find them. Untitled


All in all though it was a great hike. I can’t wait for warmer weather to take the dogs out again. I’ve been working with Bandit on the leash and he’s getting a little better. Not great…but better. I’m also working on socializing him so he stops howling when he sees other dogs. Hopefully the next hike I can wear my socks the whole time… or at least remember to bring an extra pair!



2 thoughts on “Hewlett Gulch Trail

  1. Good times hiking with the dogs. Our dog has developed a limp and is now limited as to how far he can go with us.

    Stephen Tremp
    an A-Z Cohost
    @StephenTremp on Twitter

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