Quirky Day

This has been the first year Q has actually tripped me up. I knew vacation would disrupt the A-Z challenge so I had everything planned in advance (even though my late post of N, O & P didn’t make it seem like I was prepared….I really did have it planned!!). But I forgot about Q!!!

On our flight back to the States I tried to brainstorm some ideas for Q with the thought that surely I could come up with something but seeing as it’s now Tuesday and Q was Monday…well let’s just say that didn’t work. All I could come up with was this.

BSB was my favorite boy band when I was a teenager. I was obsessed!

My other thought was to do a clever post on the Interesting Holidays and Unique National Days but National Pot Smoker’s Day really takes over every other fun day.

So Backstreet Boys it is! Enjoy!


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