Return to Reality

We had to return from vacation and head back to work this week. 😦 Our week was amazing though! Getting there, however, was not so amazing. Our flight was delayed out of Denver due to a lost radio frequency in Dallas caused by the weather. Somehow in the process of broadcasting the radio outage the network shut down the entire airline company. No American Airlines flights existed for some time. It was crazy! We were already on the plane by the time this happened so Wayne and I occupied ourselves by being goofy.

When we did finally make it to Dallas we had to pretty much run through the airport to try and make our connection. They were just starting boarding when we arrived at the gate but due to the network outage everyone’s tickets had been voided and had to have new tickets issued. We were late starting our vacation and relieved when we finally arrived!


As you saw in last week’s posts we didn’t do much of anything for the week. I snorkeled a few times and jumped off the resort dock but Wayne prefers to observe water from a safe distance so we spent the majority of time lounging by the pool. But one day we did travel over to the mainland to a sister resort and spent the day swimming in the Caribbean. And by that I mean I swam while Wayne stood. I was proud of him though for going in up to his chest. After being drenched by a wave he hightailed it back to the shallow water.

I’m always trying to get Wayne to make faces in our pictures but he never will and all our pictures end up looking like the ones above. A lot of them! 🙂

On our way back to Cozumel from Playa Del Carmen we had to stop at Senor Frogs while we waited for our ferry. We like to stick with local places when we are on vacation but we couldn’t resist stopping for a margarita.

This did not happen, but we did stop there because of our love for the show.

That sums up our vacation (the post…not Senor Tadpoles). Thanks for putting up with my vacation pictures! I promise we’ll be back to regular scheduled posting tomorrow!


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