Save The Earth!

Today is Earth Day! I enjoy celebrating Earth Day and like to say I’m an Earth advocate but admittedly I don’t do anything radical to try and save it. I recycle and use non-toxic, natural cleaners but that’s about the extent. Although recently my mom helped me start a compost pile which I’m super psyched about. It’s not very big right now and surrounded by bricks to keep the dogs out. After ZuZu berated Bandit for stealing her lime he dug around the pile and pulled out part of an avocado seed. So we dismantle our raised beds and surrounded the compost until we can figure out a better compost system. We had planned to dismantle the beds eventually so this was just motivation to start!

There’s a fun quiz on Google determining which animal you are. I wasn’t expecting Komodo Dragon but I feel like I would make a great one. Plus they primarily live on islands and I could be okay with that. 🙂 If you get a chance you should take it too!
UntitledDo you guys compost? If so, what tips do you have for successful composting?


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