I wish I were an Oscar Mayer Wiener

Did you know Wienermobile is hiring drivers? They’re called Hotdoggers. And I’m not even joking! It would be so much fun!

I’ve always wanted to see the actual Wienermobile! It’s currently in Albuquerque and I’m hoping it’s making it’s way towards Colorado soon!

On the topic of hot dogs. Did you know it’s improper etiquette to put ketchup on a hot dog? The other day while I was researching the best firm, white bread for traditional English cucumber sandwiches I came across a news article titled “Why Does Ketchup on a Hot Dog Piss People Off?” Naturally I had to read it (partially because I thought it was a joke…). I discovered that you should never use ketchup after the age of 18. You know it’s official when it’s in the etiquette rules of the National Hot Dog & Sausage Council.

Even Dirty Harry thinks is preposterous!

I never knew it was such a disgrace! One of the arguments is that it smothers the flavor of the hot dog. Now I suppose I’ve never indulged in ridiculously expensive or gourmet hot dogs so maybe I don’t know what flavor I’m missing out on. Then again I also fall into the category of people that think eating naked hot dogs is gross.

So in my not so very important opinion…ketchup is awesome! Next time I’m at the Rockies game (discarding my vegetarianism for the day) I will surely smother my dog in ketchup, mustard, relish and onions. This cartoon below agrees with me too. 🙂

I want to know….yay or nay for ketchup?


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