Veggie Venture

As part of my back to the basics and organic living plan I gave up eating meat and surprisingly it hasn’t been as hard as I thought it would. I should clarify that I’m not becoming, nor will I ever become, a true vegetarian because I could never truly not eat meat or fish or eggs. I I love a good steak and anyone who knows me well knows I LOVE fried chicken. It’s a weakness. When I was contemplating this lifestyle I told Wayne I wanted to eat a cheeseburger one last time but due to so many random things happening during the same week I never got that chance. When we were on vacation I ate meat all week. It was an all-inclusive resort and my thought was I had for that meat I wasn’t going to let it go to waste. We ordered room service for breakfast one morning and I got a side of bacon. Now even before I gave up meeting eat on a regular basis I didn’t eat anything except turkey bacon so this was a real treat. When breakfast arrived the “side” was actually an entire plate of bacon. I remember saying to Wayne “I’ll just eat a few pieces” and then found myself devouring the entire plate. It was amazing.

But I’ve found that eating strictly vegetarian is also amazing. It’s been a challenge for a few reasons though. Number one is Wayne doesn’t like everything veggie. This was especially apparent after I made delicious zucchini enchiladas which he immediately disliked. Coming up with dishes that can be made with meat but at the same time easily turned into a vegetarian dish has been tricky. He has been on board with the portobello “burgers” and my favorite….rice & beans. I’ve got 10 different versions of the dish that I love. So yummy!

The other challenge has been being “vegetarian” and not eating loads and loads of carbs. There’s only so much pasta a girl can eat! Or finding places to get protein. There’s only so many eggs a girl can eat!

There have been a few times when that meme is actually true. We were at a birthday party the other day with the table loaded with hamburgers, hot dogs and chicken kabobs so I ate a plate full of potato salad and tortilla chips. While delicious certainly not healthy.

It’s a never ending cycle of trying to figure it out! But it has been fun.:)


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