Tales from Nicaragua – Days 1 -3

Today has been the first chance to write since we arrived in Nicaragua! Travel day was pretty easy so I won’t go into much detail. When we arrived in Managua we filed through (where no one on the team was pulled aside…woo hoo) we piled all the luggage on top of the micro bus and headed off to our hotel. We made an impromptu stop at the convenience store to get drinks but our quick visit turned out a little longer due to the wave of green that took us over shortly after we walked in the store. Let me explain the wave of green… At the airport we noticed lots and lots of people wearing the same green shirt and then more of them turned up. There were 2 large buses of people in green shirts that had arrived from all over.  And they all stopped at the same gas station as our team. Suddenly the whole business was overrun and running out of bottles of water. One of our team members got knocked over by the wave and had to be rescued. 🙂 It was a bit intense. That moment shall forever be known as The Wave of the Amigos de Christ (not Cristo…Christ).

Other than that debacle the entire travel day was flawless! We stayed in Managua the first night since we were attending church and on Sunday all but 2 of the ladies, myself included, woke up at the wrong time because we had used a phone as an alarm not realizing the time wouldn’t change from Houston’s time zone since the phone would be staying on airplane mode. (Nica is in the same time zone as Colorado so we wouldn’t have had an issue otherwise.) Luckily my team is amazing and everyone stayed in high spirits despite the fact we all missed out on an hour of sleep. For church we headed to La Vina, our church partner in Managua, to attend Sunday service. My co-lead, Jake, was asked to give the message during service and he did an incredible job!

After church we headed over to Tipitapa, about 30 minutes from Managua. This is an outreach we do every year where we connect with the community kids with worship, activities and snacks. One of our team members, Kori Paige, used her wonderful singing voice to sing “Head, Shoulders, Knees & Toes” in Spanish while having the kids follow along. We taught everyone the Jesus prayer model, colored with the kids and then we brought out the bracelet making materials. The kids LOVE to make bracelets and are very fast at making them. Those who don’t know how to make them already catch on quickly…except me despite it being shown to me several times. 😉 The rest of Sunday was spent traveling to Jinotepe and re-connecting with the kids and introducing them to the new team members. I think I can speak for anyone who has been here before that it’s an amazing feeling when the kids remember you.

Our day so far has been very productive. The team was split between working on the house build, helping with English classes, trimming coffee plants on the farm and crafting with the community kids. Craft time was very entertaining. We helped the kids create duct tape crosses which sounds easy enough but when you’re giving several rolls of duct tape to little kids…well let’s just say tape ends up everywhere!

Today was the first day working on the house and though I haven’t been out there I hear it’s going really well. There should be more to report later this week. Our next few days are busy but there should be time to post again in a couple days.

Lots of love to our families and friends back in the States!


3 thoughts on “Tales from Nicaragua – Days 1 -3

  1. Sounds amazing…so sorry I missed you before you left. I feel like something is missing since I didn’t get to hug you farewell. God bless you guys and your travels ❤ Rox 🙂

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