Tales from Nicaragua – Days 4 & 5

Hello again faithful Nica supporters! The last few days have flown by and there hasn’t been a good chance to write. The power has also gone out a few times which means no wifi! The wifi can be a bit spotty anyway so my apologies for not writing sooner!

I’ll recap Tuesday and Wednesday for now and catch up the rest tomorrow (hopefully)!

On Tuesday we split the team again; sending 4 off to the house build, 2 to help cook and clean in the kitchen and the rest of us to help plant papaya trees on the farm. In the afternoon we loaded up the bus and headed off to a children’s church in Diriamba. When we arrived there were 80 kids waiting for us. We danced, we sang! It was great fun. After the worship Hannah gave a message and Kori and Desi shared their testimony with the kids. Face painting, bracelets and crafts followed. Our crafts got off to a rough start because we had left the scissors and glue behind. We improvised and had the kids draw and color instead. The kids absolutely love face painting so as long as they had their face painted the lack of scissors and glue was no concern to them. Being around all the kids and smiling faces was so much fun. Many team members reflected later that it was a huge joy to see the kids faces light up with laughter and excitement from our visit. Afterwards the people from the church prayed for us as a team which was very powerful. The opportunity to visit this church is something we do every time we visit and the couple who leads it are wonderful and kindhearted people and we are so blessed to be able to spend this time with them and the kids from the church.

In the evenings we lead devotionals with the boys and girls; the girls are learning from the book Captivating and the boys from Wild At Heart. On Tuesday evening we talked about the power of prayer and then decorated t-shirts that were designed by one of our teammates. After devos we headed to the local futbolero field to watch the AOL kids play futbol. They were number 3 in their league and played the number 1 team. Sadly they lost. 😦 But it was a lot of fun to support the team!

When Wednesday rolled around we were back at the house to put the walls up. The guys trooped off to be the house workers that day since there was lots of concrete being poured and heavy lifting to be done. Wednesday was very similar to Monday back at the casa grande. There was more work to be done on the farm so several went off to be useful there. The papaya trees were planted on Tuesday (1000 of them!) but there was lots of raking to be done between the rows of papaya tree and coffee plants. We’re really looking forward to seeing the results of the farm! The community kids arrived mid-morning and after their homework was done there were crafts to be made! I know I’m speaking for the team when I say this but it’s just so much fun to see how much the kids, boys and girls, enjoy making the crafts. And they absolutely LOVE glitter (which we were smart enough not to get out this time….). After devos on Wednesday evening we shared ice cream with the kids and staff before enjoying team building time in the casa grande.

Each night we have porch time where we reflect on our day and what God is doing in our lives. It is a great way for us to process what we see or feel during the time we are in Nica. Many of us have visited before or have seen what poverty looks like but to truly experience it can do a lot to your mind and soul so we process, worship and pray about the day. There are also these amazing rocking chairs that are absolutely wonderful.

There’s Tuesday & Wednesday for you. I’ll be back tomorrow with adventures of team day and El Dia de los Ninos!


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