How Instagram Distracted Me From Blogging

(This song will be relevant in a few paragraphs. :))

If you’ve been on my blog lately you’ll have noticed that my last post was in June when I was blogging about my latest trip to Nicaragua. If I hadn’t been the official blogger it probably would have been even longer since my last post. Now if you’ve looked at my Instagram account you’ll notice that my last post was probably 20 minutes ago.

Actually I should have titled this post How Instagram AND Pinterest Distracted Me From Blogging. Pinterest plays a huge part in keeping me distracted from things like blogging, working, vacuuming, sleeping. I spend way too much time on there. I’ll open the web browser fully intending to log in to the blog and yet I find myself browsing through every meme on the planet or staring at pictures of food that I’ll never make.

Courtesy of Google Images

Scratch out YouTube and you’ve described my entire day. But back to the topic at hand. When Instagram first appeared on the social media scene I was skeptical and swore I would never use it. I think it was the hashtags. It took me a long time to figure them out…longer than it should have. I don’t even remember why I signed up for it in the first place and now I just love it.

I do really enjoy blogging though. I’m giddy like a child when someone follows me but the ease with which I can post something to Instagram…very satisfying, considerably faster and simpler than writing a post.  It really comes down to sheer laziness. Or I suspect it may be the fact that I spend more time with the youths of America than I ever have before. To them Facebook is old news and irrelevant. They are all into Snapchat (which I also use on a regular basis…don’t ask my friends their opinions…) and Instagram. Over the summer I took a work trip to Ohio with 6 teenagers. It made me feel old at times (having to explain who The Proclaimers are and how they wrote one of the best songs ever or asking them to explain their teenage slang or the fact that I was graduating high school when they were born) but it was also refreshing (blasting Taylor Swift in the middle of the night…underrated as a way to pass time or making pasta as a midnight snack). I slept on a futon in subzero temps because we couldn’t find the thermostat in our rental house and all of us probably slept a total of 3 hours a night but I learned more about myself in a week than I have in a very long time.

My story got a bit existential there…sorry! Also, I just realized it may not be clear that I work with youth…I’m not just a creepy lady who likes to hang out with them.

Basically what I’m getting at is I don’t know how long I’ll write this blog but for now I’m still here. If I’m absent for a long time it’s probably because my subconscious is trying to be a teenager again. Check Instagram. I’ll be there.


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