The Legacy of Lady B

The first official post of the year is a bit sad. I really should have posted this months ago but I’ve been putting it off. In early October my favorite little hedgie, Lady B, passed away.

Hangin' hedgies

She had been suffering from Wobbly Hedgehog Syndrome for about 5 months and had been paralyzed in her hind legs since late July. For those who aren’t familiar with WHS it is a neurological disorder that causes paralysis and eventually death. Plus, at 4 years old, she was skirting the edges of being an old hedgehog.

When we found out she was paralyzed Wayne made her a wheelchair out of LEGO’s so she could scoot around the house. It was pretty awesome and she seemed to enjoy it. She just couldn’t use it in the backyard because our yard gets a little bumpy and she would slide out. I also started pet story-time every night. She was never too thrilled with the idea of me reading to her but the cats and dogs loved when it was time to head into Lady B’s room each evening.

The day before she died I noticed that was not eating, drinking or pooping and immediately made her an appointment but she died in my arms on the way to the vet office.

I cried for about 2 weeks. I’m still bummed at the loss but our vet has done some amazing things to help commemorate her memory. They made an imprint of her paw prints and at Christmas they handmade an ornament that hung on their Tree of Memories during the holidays. The tree looked awesome. When I was there picking up the ornament I took pictures but unfortunately the next day I dropped my phone and broke it. The pictures are, presumably, lost. I’ll have it looked at but I’m not holding out hope that I can retrieve them. 😦

Untitled Untitled

To help ease the pain of losing my little quilled one we adopted another hedgehog a month later which accidentally turned into adopting a second…it’s a story for another day. Needless to say the legacy of Lady B lives on in Mistress Henrietta and Sir Edwin Tobias Peabody. All my pictures of them were lost along with the others and since they are currently snoozing I’ll post about them another day.

To end I’ve put together a little montage of our favorite Lady B memories. The last couple of videos are her awesome wheelchair.


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