The Hedgehog Royalty

As promised here are the new hedgehogs! There are only a few pictures since I still haven’t checked to see if I can get the pictures off my broken phone and most times I’ve visited the Hedgehog Room when they were out and about I didn’t have my camera or current phone.

First, the backstory of how we ended up with two hedgehogs. I had been inquiring into adoptions and emailed one person but never heard back from them. Eventually I was led to contact another person and we communicated for several days about the “hedgehog for adoption.” I point that particular phrase out because that’s how I got into the debacle of emailing two separate people about two different hedgehogs. Somewhere in the middle of my communications the first person I contacted had emailed me back and since the subject lines were the same I ended up agreeing to adopt both. It was after the agreement that I realized they were different but I decided to go forth with both adoptions.

They’ve been a huge blessing since the passing of Lady B and it’s so rewarding when they start to recognize you… or your smell to be more accurate! So here they are!

Mistress Henrietta

Mistress Henrietta is a big lady with mostly white quills and a small patch of brown on her back. She turned a year old in December. Immediately after I adopted her I found out that she was not very social and her favorite part of being held was biting the person holding her. It’s taken some time and many hand chomps but she’s slowly adjusting to us. She isn’t a huge fan of being held and instead prefers her wheel or roaming around the house in her critter ball.

She is very active and since the Hedgehog Room is dark all day she comes out at random times. We never know when we’ll pop in and find her tearing up her cage or running in the wheel. She loves to splat, or pancake if you’re not familiar with hedgehog terms, and will do it constantly. At first I thought she might be too warm from her heat lamp but no matter what temperature she’s content to just pancake out and chill.

Sir Edwin Tobias Peabody


Sir Edwin is a brown and white quilled fellow who is just over 2 years old. He can usually be found burrowed in his fleece liner. This cute little guy adores snuggling. He’ll snuffle if he’s pulled away from the burrow but as soon as he smells us he calms down and cuddles.

He enjoys his wheel but I very rarely see him in it. In fact, we very rarely see him out of his cave unless I bring him out. While Mistress Henrietta can be seen throughout the day Ed prefers to roam at 3 or 4 in the morning. Occasionally when we use the Hedgehog Room as a kitten feeding area we’ll see him out getting dinner or burrowing in his litter box. Which is another new thing for me….Sir Edwin is litter box trained! He’s very clean and orderly which makes cleaning his cage a breeze.

Both of the quilled ones love bath time. They run around the entire tub, pushing around the rubber duck or just hanging out. And they both love snacks. For Christmas I got them live mealworms which they really enjoyed. It’s kind of fun to watch how quickly they can catch the worms and gobble them down. I think it’s the way their faces scrunch up while they chew…it’s super cute.

We have turned one of our guest rooms into the Hedgehog Room which stays a nice, tropical temperature of 75-80 degrees year round. It’s dark and cozy; perfect for hedgehogs. Of course, since they are separate genders they can never truly meet. They live on opposite ends of the room so they have no real interaction.

The kittens are very interested in the hedgehogs. Being kittens they have NO fear whatsoever so even if they are poked by a rolled up hedgie they are not deterred! Often I catch Rosa with his paw in the cage, batting around the fleece to find the hedgehog. Mostly they love basking on top of Henrietta’s cage, under the heat lamp which hangs from above.

There’s the two new members of the Hedgehog Royalty. I hope to have more cute pictures of them soon!


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