Well, We Meet Again

It’s 2018! Good riddance to 2017. Remember that scene at the end of Lord of the Rings where Frodo and Sam have just thrown the ring in the fire? That’s how I feel about 2017. I even found a meme on Google about it!

Google meme

Thanks Google


My goal this year is returning to blogging. I took time off after giving birth to my daughter in November 2016. When I originally planned my time away I said it would be a few months and I’d be back at it, in the swing of things. Ha! I suppose lots of first time parents are idealists like that. Those few months went by and I was just figuring out life with a newborn. I had no energy to blog. I barely made it through the day! By summer I was up to my ears in work & travel and life with a not quite newborn, not quite toddler. By the end of summer there was a family medical crisis. So…more time off. There’s always something, right? Honestly I still don’t have life figured out but we’ve got a semi-routine and we take life one day (sometimes one hour) at a time. My daughter is more toddler than baby these days (I’m going to pause to cry a little) which gives me more opportunity to rejoin the blog world. I don’t know what this will look like but it will definitely involve cute animals, a cute baby and as always…the shenanigans that happen when you combine those two. It’s likely to be a slow, rocky start but that’s in keeping with most things in life!

Until we meet again. 🙂

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