Bucket List

I started making a bucket list when I was a little girl so I’ve had to edit some of them along the way. Everything in bold I’ve done!

Graduate college
Graduate grad school
Get married
Study abroad
Read the Bible from cover to cover
Live in another state
Have children
Go ziplining
Travel to Greece
Go river rafting
Visit all 50 states
Buy a house
Run a half marathon
Run the Horsetooth Reservoir Half Marathon
Run a full marathon
Run half or full marathon in another country
Run all the Disney 5k and/or half-marathons! They have the coolest medals 🙂
Be fluent in another language
Own a Mercedes
Learn to surf
Spend a week doing absolutely nothing on a beach
Climb the the top of the Statue of Liberty
See a play on Broadway
Write a book
Ride in a hot air balloon
Climb Longs Peak Mountain
Take an Alaskan cruise
Learn to ride a horse
Play Alley Cat on the piano ( I can play Chopsticks 🙂 )
Attend the Super Bowl, preferably when the Packers play but I’m not picky
Complete all my Pinterest pins
See the Aurora Borealis


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