A to Z Challenge

The A-Z Challenge is a blog challenge that takes place in April of every year. Following the letters of the alphabet you post every day of the month except Sundays. In 2013 I blogged about everything in general and in 2014 I focused on my pets, animals, and the like. Click the links below to jump to the posts from that year.


A: Arthur’s Rock
B: B is for…
C: Cascadian Nomad’s Day
D: Donkeys
E: Exercise with your pets
F: Fire Hydrant 5K
G: My Big Fat Gem
H: Hiking With Your Dog
I: Iowa: Pet Paradise
J: Just Chillin’
K: k2’s k9;s and kitties
L: Love Is Being Owned By A Husky
M: Me, You and Zu
N: Nikitaland
O: Oh ZuZu
P: Places I Shouldn’t Be
Q: Q is for Q
R: Running Dog
S: Save the Earth
T: Triceratops Trail
U: Upset Pets
V: Visit A Penguin
W: Weird Colorado
X: Xyzlacatosis & Xerxes
Y: Younglings
Z: Zeus & Sylvester





A: Are aardvarks actually awesome?
B: April showers bring babies & brides…and a shot of brandy.
C: Chubbs aka the Beast & C is for Cheetos: Wacky Wednesday video
D: Doctor Who? The Doctor. Who?
E: Emu the Exotic
F: F is for…
G: Living in a Geeky Grimm Fantasy
H: Honeybee Heaven
I: I is for “I Feel Ill” & Wacky Wednesday Video of the Week
J: Jellyfish starts with J
K: Knitting…it’s not for everyone.
L: For the love of LEGO
M: Mary’s Mountain Cookies
N: National Day of Everything and Anything
O: The Ominous Adventure & O is for Otters: Wacky Wednesday’s Video(s)
P: Passing on the left & other Pet Peeves!
Q: Quit Snowing!!
R: Roma: The cat not the city
S: Investigations of Sasquatch
T: Everyday I’m Twittering
U: Unexpected Unicorns – featuring guest blogger Stella
V: Vuvuzela’s make lovely gifts
W: Wiggling Wombats
X: X-ray vision: What can I see?
Y: And sometimes Y.
Z: Zu the Spoiled
Reflections of an A-Z Challenge

2 thoughts on “A to Z Challenge

  1. Can you help me out? When I go to the list to sign up for April, do I need to have post? I am confused but want to give it a try thanks! Dolly and The Lady

    • When you sign up on the A-Z list you just need your blog link, not a specific post. You only link up the one time for the whole month. Does that help? Email me with any questions, I’m happy to help! meyouandzu (at) gmail (dot) com

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