Weekly Creature Photo: The Cat Is Asleep

The other day we were watching the Jim Gaffigan “Mr. Universe” special and one of the things he jokes about is how we photograph everyday life and share it with everyone. The entire special is hilarious but the first 20 seconds of this clip had me rolling with laughter. Maybe it’s the way he says it, maybe I just think he’s really funny or maybe because it’s (sadly) SO TRUE! And I am one of the worst offenders!! This blog and my Instagram feed are irrefutable proof of it. 🙂

If I had a nickel for every sleeping pet picture I have taken I would be a lot richer than I am today. I found at least ten on my phone…and this is the third phone I’ve had this year (yes, I’ve broken two phones in less than a year…)

So as a nod to Jim Gaffigan I am sharing a few sleeping cats with you!

IMG_2889 IMG_0865


Weekly Creature Photo: Cone Cat


As I mentioned in the last post Kylo was the recent recipient of emergency vet services. His tendency to eat ponytails or anything of a stringy nature resulted in surgery. A couple days after chewing off a strap from one of my tank tops he became lethargic, wasn’t eating and vomiting a lot. When he didn’t improve after a few hours we decided to bring him to the vet where they took X-rays and determined he had suspicious masses in his intestines. During the surgery they noticed his pancreas was inflamed and determined he was suffering from pancreatitis.

By the following day, high on pain meds, he was happy as a clam. He would spend time making a nest in his blankets then talk to all the staff and rub against them, purring like a little machine. He came home with a cone that, surprisingly, he did not object to wearing even as he started feeling better. He ran around the house with it on for days.

Unfortunately we had to lock him in a bedroom while we were at work because Rosa wanted to roughhouse all day long and Kylo was happy to oblige. Not wanting to risk the stitches coming out we had to keep them separated and kept an eye on him through the pet cam.


Thankfully he is 100% healed today and back to his normal crazy self!

Weekly Creature Photo: Birthday Beasts

The beasts monsters heathens kittens celebrated their 1st birthday a couple weeks ago! I was all set to publish this post during their actual birthday week but Kylo decided to be a beast which eventually led to emergency surgery…so blogging slipped my mind for a couple weeks. I’ll share that story later because we need to celebrate these two crazy cats! They are absolute terrors but when they aren’t destroying the house they are the sweetest, happiest creatures. Here’s a few moments from their first year!









Weekly Creature Photo(s): Naptime

In recent weeks Rosa has taken a liking to sleeping on the back of the couch. He will throw himself down, using the nearest person as a place to lay his enormous body. The other night I actually had my phone with me to capture him.

Rosa sleeping
Eventually he slid off the couch until he was using only my shoulders for support.

Night was falling around us and we were left sitting in complete darkness. He was just so happy, his purr rumbling his whole body, that I couldn’t disturb him. I am such a sucker…but I did get a lot accomplished on Pinterest. So that’s something. 🙂