A Very Extraordinarily Remarkable Youngling

That’s my daily Star Wars reference. ūüėÄ The longer I’m around my husband the more nerd references I make. But that’s what the little babe is; a youngling. Just this morning she was running around the house wrapped in her favorite hooded towel. It’s a brown puppy and makes her closely resemble a Jedi.

Anyway. This is a formal introduction for the little bug who stole our hearts. The pictures below are from the day after she was born and her 1st birthday, which arrived WAAAYYY too quickly.

Untitled Untitled

Her name is the title acrostic. She’s an absolute joy and our family has so much fun. In a couple weeks she’ll be 15 months and is a HANDFUL. Her favorite words are cookie, nana (for her favorite food) and puppy. Every time she sees a dog on TV or in books she gets really excited and shouts “puppy, puppy” in a high pitched squeal. The Humane Society ads really get her going. It’s super adorable.

If there’s ever a lull in my posts it’s because I’m chasing her around, picking up after her tornado, or indulging in family naptime; but mostly it’s the first two. Her obsession with power buttons makes it difficult to use a computer (or anything!) while she’s awake. As a leading role in most of our family shenanigans she will be featured in more stories. We have many to share!


Until next time. ūüôā

Well, We Meet Again

It’s 2018! Good riddance to 2017. Remember that scene at the end of Lord of the Rings where Frodo and Sam have just thrown the ring in the fire? That’s how I feel about 2017. I even found a meme on Google about it!

Google meme

Thanks Google


My goal this year is returning to blogging.¬†I took time off after giving birth to my daughter in November 2016. When I originally planned my time away I said it would be a few months and I’d be back at it, in the swing of things. Ha! I suppose lots of first time parents are idealists like that.¬†Those few months went by and I was just figuring out life with a newborn. I had no energy to blog. I barely made it through the day!¬†By summer I was up to my ears in work & travel and life with a not quite newborn, not quite toddler. By the end of summer there was a family medical crisis. So…more time off. There’s always something, right?¬†Honestly I still don’t have life figured out but we’ve got a semi-routine and we take life one day (sometimes one hour) at a time. My daughter is more toddler than baby these days (I’m going to pause to cry a little) which gives me more opportunity to rejoin the blog world. I don’t know what this will look like but it will definitely involve cute animals, a cute baby and as always…the shenanigans that happen when you combine those two. It’s likely to be a slow, rocky start but that’s in keeping with most things in life!

Until we meet again. ūüôā

The Legacy of Lady B

The first official post of the year is a bit sad. I really should have posted this months ago but I’ve been putting it off. In early¬†October my favorite little hedgie, Lady B, passed away.

Hangin' hedgies

She had been suffering from Wobbly Hedgehog Syndrome for about¬†5 months and had been paralyzed in her hind legs since late July. For those who aren’t familiar with WHS it is a neurological disorder that causes paralysis and eventually death. Plus, at¬†4 years old,¬†she was skirting the edges of being an old hedgehog.

When we found out she was paralyzed Wayne made her a wheelchair out of LEGO’s so she could scoot around the house. It was pretty awesome and she seemed to enjoy it. She just couldn’t use it in the backyard because our yard gets a little bumpy and she would slide out. I also started pet story-time every night. She was never too thrilled with the idea of me reading to her but the cats and dogs loved when it was time to head into Lady B’s room each evening.

The day before she died I noticed that was not eating, drinking or pooping and immediately made her an appointment but she died in my arms on the way to the vet office.

I cried for about 2 weeks. I’m still bummed at the loss but our vet has done some amazing things to help commemorate her memory. They made an imprint of her paw prints and at Christmas they handmade an ornament that hung on their Tree of Memories during the holidays. The tree looked awesome. When I was there picking up¬†the ornament I took pictures but unfortunately the next day¬†I dropped my phone and broke it. The pictures are, presumably, lost. I’ll have it looked at but I’m not holding out hope that I can retrieve them. ūüė¶

Untitled Untitled

To help ease the pain of losing my little quilled one we adopted another hedgehog a month later which accidentally turned into adopting a second…it’s a story for another day. Needless to say the legacy of Lady B lives on in Mistress Henrietta and Sir Edwin Tobias Peabody. All my pictures of them were lost along with the others and since they are currently snoozing I’ll post about them another day.

To end I’ve put together a little montage of our favorite Lady B memories. The last couple of videos are her awesome wheelchair.

Catching up with the Zu Crew

First of all HAPPY NEW YEAR!!

It’s hard to believe it is 2016 already. Last year went by so fast. And even though I wanted to blog I also wanted to take some time off and disconnect from technology.¬†But it’s a new year and I’m excited to share it with you! I’m so excited for this year. In a couple weeks I’ll be returning to school to start the journey to my Masters Degree.¬†We have a couple home remodel¬†plans in the making for the spring.¬†And¬†later this year Wayne and I will celebrate our 10 year anniversary and we’re celebrating by renewing our vows.

So many fun things lie ahead this year and I hope you’ll follow along!


How Instagram Distracted Me From Blogging

(This song will be relevant in a few paragraphs. :))

If you’ve been on my blog lately you’ll have noticed that my last post was in June when I was blogging about my latest¬†trip to Nicaragua. If I hadn’t been the official blogger it probably would have been even longer since my last post. Now if you’ve looked at my Instagram account you’ll notice that my last post was probably¬†20 minutes ago.

Actually I should have titled this post How Instagram AND Pinterest Distracted Me From Blogging.¬†Pinterest plays a huge part in keeping me distracted from things like blogging, working, vacuuming, sleeping.¬†I spend way too much time on there. I’ll open the web browser fully intending to log in to the blog and yet I find myself browsing through every¬†meme on the planet or staring at pictures of food that I’ll never make.

Courtesy of Google Images

Scratch out YouTube and you’ve described my entire day.¬†But back to the topic at hand. When Instagram first appeared on the social media scene I was skeptical and swore I would never use it. I think it was the hashtags. It took me a long time to figure them out…longer than it should have.¬†I don’t even remember why I signed up for it in the first place and now I just love it.

I do really enjoy blogging though. I’m giddy like a child when someone follows me but the ease with which I can post something to Instagram…very satisfying, considerably faster and simpler than writing a post. ¬†It really comes down to sheer¬†laziness.¬†Or I suspect it may be the fact that I spend more time with the youths of America than I ever have before. To them Facebook is old news and irrelevant. They are all into Snapchat (which I also use on a regular basis…don’t ask my friends their opinions…) and Instagram. Over the summer I took a work trip to Ohio with 6 teenagers. It made me feel old at times (having to explain who The Proclaimers are and how they wrote one of the best songs¬†ever¬†or asking them to explain¬†their teenage slang or the fact that I was graduating high school when they were born)¬†but it was also refreshing (blasting Taylor Swift in the middle of the night…underrated as a way to pass time or making pasta as a midnight snack). I slept on a futon in subzero temps because we couldn’t find the thermostat in our rental house and all of us probably slept a total of 3 hours a night but I¬†learned more about myself in a week than I have in a very long time.

My story got a bit existential there…sorry!¬†Also, I just realized it may not be clear that I work with youth…I’m not just a creepy lady who likes to hang out with them.

Basically what I’m getting at is I¬†don’t know how long I’ll write¬†this blog but for now I’m still here. If I’m absent for a long time it’s probably because my subconscious is trying to be a teenager again. Check Instagram. I’ll be there.