Hewlett Gulch Trail

I forgot to actually post this yesterday for H…every year I forget to do that a couple times. But here it is!

Last fall we took Bandit on his first hike as part of the Zu crew. We decided on Hewlett Gulch Trail in the Poudre Canyon because it’s a relatively easy hike. Bandit had only been with us a couple months when we took him so his leash manners weren’t the best. He was never taught how to walk on one so he constantly pulls and runs all over the place. I was impressed with him on our hike though. I used a no-pull harness and it worked really well.


Both dogs thoroughly enjoyed themselves. It was a beautiful day to be out and about in nature. We followed the trail until we got to a field where it didn’t look like a trail anymore. I read after we were home that the actual Hewlett Gulch trail ends at specific geographic coordinates but there is a trail that keeps going and meets up with another several miles up. We didn’t have this information to start so we were just wandering around for 20 minutes before deciding to turn around and go back and have lunch.

This was the only time we had a problem with Bandit. I had slipped on a rock at the beginning and one foot got dunked in the water. We found a big rock near a beautiful tree and settled in. I took off my shoes and socks to let them dry out a bit while we ate. Everything was peaceful until another hiker with a dog came by. Bandit flipped out. In his efforts to get away from me and go see this new dog he knocked over everything around him. Normally it wouldn’t have been an issue but the rock we were sitting on was also next to a stream so all the stuff got knocked into the water! Socks, shoes, lunch, hiking bags. I ended up keeping the socks off because they were so gross. I clipped them to the outside of my bag but they kept falling of so we had to backtrack several times to find them. Untitled


All in all though it was a great hike. I can’t wait for warmer weather to take the dogs out again. I’ve been working with Bandit on the leash and he’s getting a little better. Not great…but better. I’m also working on socializing him so he stops howling when he sees other dogs. Hopefully the next hike I can wear my socks the whole time… or at least remember to bring an extra pair!


Dedicated to the Dogs

I know the other day I said I was going away from “pet blog” but that didn’t mean I wouldn’t be posting about them! Today is just a look at my cute dogs and introducing my new dog-niece!

Zu and Bandit, who have been dubbed ZuBa, are just as feisty as ever….if not more actually.

This is a picture of Bandit in trouble and being sent to his kennel. ZuZu, upon hearing me yell at Bandit, decided she needed to be in the house as well. It’s so hard to stay mad at them when they are both bumbling around in the a dog house designed for one dog.

Recently we joined the dog park in our town that is run by the local vet clinic. It took forever for the pups to become members because their vaccine combos didn’t include the lepto vaccine. We had to see the vet at that clinic which took 3 hours since it was a walk-in visit. We were able to visit the park that day though so it was nice to just have it out of the way.

IMG_4365(Yes, I was stopped while I was taking that picture….)

Just this past week we went to our vet to get their lepto boosters. It was the first time I had taken the dogs to the vet by myself so I was a little worried what might happen. Bandit still doesn’t know how to react when he sees other dogs so he ends up howling as loud as his lungs will let him which usually riles up ZuZu until both of them are barking. We are slowly working on that but it’s slow because our dog park serves a town of 6,000 and not a lot of people end up there at the same time. Anyway…back to the vet. It was a great trip. They both behaved so well. I was so proud. And I was able to knock out Zu’s vaccines that were due next month and save us a trip (and a $50 exam) to the vet.


And now introducing Stevie Nicks….the dog! Yesterday my sister and her husband adopted little Stevie from the animal shelter. She’s 3 1/2 and absolutely adorable!


Stevie NicksI love those ears! It will be some time before I’m able to meet her in person but I can not wait!

Hope everyone has a wonderful Easter! I’ll be back on Monday with the Peep Extraordinaire. 😉

A Review of Cinna-Bone

Our latest review product was the Cinna-Bone’s from Solid Gold.



I initially chose them because of the cinnamon. The health benefits of cinnamon in both humans and dogs is really good.It helps regulate their blood sugar, diabetes and arthritis. Sprinkle a little cinnamon on your dogs food next time they eat! Just beware of the kind of cinnamon. Cassia is the most common but can be dangerous at higher levels. Ceylon cinnamon is the better of the two and is available at most stores or spice shops.

Anyway, that was a complete diversion from the review!

As usual the package arrived very quickly and the dogs were very excited. This was Bandit’s first Chewy experience so he was especially excited. Due to his destruction of everything I had to hide them in the closet and ended up forgetting about the package for a week.

The treats are a holistic, healthy dog treat with great ingredients. They are sturdy treats as in they don’t break or crumble easily in the bag yet they are not too hard for the dogs to eat.

Ingredients: Barley Flour, Oat Flour, Pea Starch, Rolled Oats, Canola Oil (preserved with mixed tocopherols), Cinnamon, Lamb Meal, Fish Meal, Flaxseed Meal, Dried Seaweed Meal


I was impressed with the easy close seal and the dried bay leaf inside the bag. Although I’ll admit for a while I wondered if maybe I had left the treats open on the counter and I had dropped a bay leaf in the bag…I was not prepared for my dog treats to come with leaves. 🙂

The company Solid Gold is a reputable company. They are very dedicated to holistic food for your pet. The selection is great: all varieties of dog & cat food (including grain and gluten free) as well as treats and supplements. And the images on their bags are awesome as well as the food names. Love it!

Solid Gold website



Solid Gold Cinna-Bone’s: For the healthy, holistic aspect I give them 5 paws. However I do feel obligated to point out I don’t know if I would buy them again ONLY because I am very into baking my own healthy treats. And while these are reasonably priced* the ingredients are similar to things I have in my own house and would probably bake over buy.

*On Chewy.com they are $9.95.


After I write my review I always browse around the different sites reading others’ reviews of the treat. I came across this one from Amazon.com and it really made me laugh. It also has made me consider change my review writing style… Enjoy!

0 of 1 people found the following review helpful
on March 1, 2012
Verified Purchase
If I tasted them and loved them, what would that say about these treats? (It would say considerably more about me, I’m afraid.) If I tasted and hated them, ditto. So, what about describing my dogs’ reactions? Should not their behavior be an indicator? I can answer that in two words: Labrador Retrievers. I had a Lab who enthusiastically wolfed down auto-repair putty when my back was momentarily turned. Poor guy–he only lived 13 years after that incident. (Do not try this at home. It was a stupid error on my part, but I feel the need to confess it. I do not, however, plan on running for president. Of anything.) So the fact that the dogs inhale these cookies means only that they don’t taste like Brussels sprouts. That’s right, folks. My Labs hate Brussels sprouts. Was there ever animosity between Labrador and Belgium?Actually, that brings to mind the reviews that go: “I got my wife/husband one of these and she/he went totally nuts over it. It utterly transformed our marriage. In fact, we finally became pregnant the first night we tried it (this for a universal remote, if memory serves, which it does not.) OK, in that spirit:I bought these for my Labrador Retrievers. After a single cookie, the yellow Lab can do advanced Calculus. The black Lab is playing the moderato from Rachmaninoff’s second piano concerto (although having all those fingers and toes does confer a definite advantage over your typical human pianist.) My only complaint is the crumbs are getting between the keys of the piano. In future, I shall probably use the Cinna-Bones as rewards, away from the Steinway, rather than stimulants.


PS Would these reviews be more plausible if I were to insert a gratuitous apostrophe in the middle of the possessive pronoun, its? OK. My dog really likes it’s Cinna-Bones. Its as if he has been waiting all his life for them. Better?

It’s a New Year!

Happy New Year! We are off to a fresh start here at the Zuba household. I am really excited for 2015. I have a feeling this year is going to be awesome! It has been a bit of a rocky start though. I came down with a cold on New Year’s Eve and spent the holiday sleeping and binge watching Grey’s Anatomy. So Wayne and I will be celebrating “New Year’s Eve” this week complete with fondue and champagne.

My resolution for this year is to have more fun and accomplish a few things on my bucket list. I need to have surgery (again 😦 ) on my other foot but it will be later in the year so I am attempting to run a fun 5k every month or two before I go back into the world of crutches and casts and pain meds.* I’ve been working with Bandit on running on a leash so hopefully his 5k debut will be soon. I’m still not at a point where I can run with both dogs but we’re getting there!
Walking the dogs

As I’m looking over my yearly calendar I see something fun for every month. I’m tackling a DIY project for January. February brings Valentine’s Day…chocolates, champagne and my favorite: the heart-shaped pepperoni pizza from Papa Murphy’s! In March we are going skiing with my niece and nephew and in April we’re going on a beach vacation. May equals Nicaragua, June is Wayne’s birthday (and ZuZu’s…and my parents), July has the 4th and August my birthday, of course. My anniversary is in September (9 years…wow!), October has my sister’s birthday and Halloween, November is Bandit’s birthday and Thanksgiving, then Christmas in December. There’s so many fun things to do and yet I don’t want this year to go by too quickly.

My DIY project is fun yet challenging…dog beds. Bandit loves sleeping in his kennel but he also loves sleeping in our bedroom with us. Since I also love having the dogs sleep with us I dragged his kennel up from the basement and put it in our bedroom. ZuZu, who hasn’t even spared a glance for her kennel in 5 years, suddenly decided her favorite snoozing spot was the kennel. To make her happy Wayne brought her dog house inside and put it next to Bandit’s kennel. My bedroom is now overrun with dog houses & pillows! Wow, do I spoil my dogs or what? But I like that they are comfortable in their houses and don’t see them as the bad place. So I am trying to create dog beds for the pups that look nice in my bedroom. I’ve pinned a few things on Pinterest on ZuBa the Spoiled Dogs. Our room is big enough to put both the beds against one wall but I don’t want them so big they overtake or clutter the atmosphere of the room. Yet I still want them cozy so the dogs feel comfortable in them. Quite the challenge!

He shut himself in his kennelHe shut himself in his kennel

I’m off to start my other new year resolution…read more books! My sister and I started a mini book club in November and we are currently reading Pride & Prejudice. If anyone has book recommendations send them my way. We are looking for a variety from every genre of books!

Until next time!

The questions of the day are: Anyone have big plans for the new year? Has anyone done a DIY dog house/bed? What good books have you read lately (or want to read)?

*I wrote the blog post I linked to above while on A LOT of heavy medications…it was a good time. 🙂 To read more about my lovely bunion surgery and the Adventures of Gus you can visit the Foot Surgery section!