A little background first…

I’ve always liked to run or at least the idea of being a runner. To me it’s an elite title. I know that makes me sound kind of snobby but not everyone can run or has the mental ability to push themselves to do it. It’s a hard sport and it can kick your ass. I don’t blame anyone for not wanting to do it. For me though…I love to run. Honestly. I hate the first mile…it’s usually when I’m wondering what the hell I love about it but once that high kicks in running becomes the best past time ever.

I ran a lot in college but less and less as time went by until I only ran chasing the dog when she escaped.  A few years ago a friend mentioned she wanted to do the Horsetooth Reservoir 1/2 Marathon in Fort Collins. I did a little research about this race and realized it might actually kill me if I tried to run it. I decided to start training and the first time I ran a mile after several years I thought I was going to die. Seriously. I had to stop a couple times just to catch my breath (as a side note though… I live 4800 feet above sea level and it’s not a myth that working out is harder here). As time went on I realized “hey, I really love to run.”  I’m not super fast, unlike my husband the speed demon, but I have an average pace and usually finish in the middle. I would love to be faster but as long as I’m running and finish the race I’m happy…yes I am a cliche 🙂

Anyway…I digressed (this is a common theme…I apologize now). I didn’t end up doing the Horsetooth half due to scheduling conflicts. A part of me was relieved. I could have done it but I still probably would have died at the very beginning. Seriously, check out the course profile.  So this half is my ultimate Colorado race goal. I say Colorado because my long-term goal is Boston. I’ve done a flat half marathon but uphill is not my friend…it’s probably no one’s but I digress. I don’t know if I’m ready for next year’s but one day…

Okay so that was more than a little but it’s a summary at least. I do A LOT of 5K’s because I can dress up or make a t-shirt, I can take my dog and they have good beer at the end 🙂

While checking out some fellow bloggers I came across this post about running that is hilarious! I’m going to picture these whenever I run now.

(Update Summer 2015) After 2 back to back foot surgeries between 2012-2013 I am just now getting back to running. But after being gone for so long I am virtually starting over. I need to have another foot surgery sometime in the near future which hinders being able to return to where I was a couple years ago. Slowly and surely I’m working on getting back to running 3 miles/day! Here’s to hoping! 😉

Past Events

4/27 Fast & Furriest 5K – Running debut of the year and first time since the surgery! Finished in 00:47:55. It doesn’t seem very fast but for someone who could barely walk 10 feet a couple months ago this is amazing!

10/22 Rock N Roll 1/2 Marathon – Denver

8/19  Drenched 5K

8/17  Firefly 5K

7/14  Run For Your Lives 5K

7/4  FireKracker 5K

6/9  Fire Hydrant 5K

5/26  The Color Run 5K

3/17  Sharin’ O’ The Green 5K

One thought on “Running

  1. Des Moines just had the color run on Saturday- they had 27,000 runners. We watched some after the race head to the beer tent and light up their cigarettes.

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