Goodbye 2013, Hello 2014


I’m not one for making New Year’s Resolutions. I like food too much to pretend for even a brief moment that I won’t eat bad food. I rang in 2013 with a major prescription med fix and an addiction to FRIENDS so I didn’t take time to post a year in review. I had originally planned to do a post of my favorites but decided instead to post the ones that you liked during the year.

So we’ll start with the top overall. Despite my super cute dog and the KF team the most popular post on the site for the 2nd year running is still this: Meanwhile Back On The Ranch…. (I make one post about legalized marijuana…). The second most popular is my addiction to games. Seeking treatment for serious Bejeweled addiction. Both of those were written in 2012 but continue to be fan favorites. It was the beginning of 2013 that I started focusing more on the 4-legged ones so slowly those posts are climbing to the top. And still marijuana beats them all. Coffee with a Canine was one of the most popular posts as well as one of my favorite adventures. It was the first time someone had asked to feature Zu and I so it was a special moment for us. Black & White Sunday was probably my favorite new thing that I started. I had so many wonderful photos to share and this was a great opportunity to post them and meet some new people.

This was the top Black & White Sunday of the year.

August 25Black & White Sunday August 25

Runner up:

Surprisingly,  December 29B&W Sunday December 29

Two of my favorites.

April 21Black & White Sunday April 21

July 28

The winner of Wordless Wednesday is…

October 16
Two Paws

Followed closely by this happy cat.

August 7
Wordless Wednesday August 7

Of course I’m not going to end this without actually adding a few of my favorite moments. Despite two foot surgeries in the last year Zu and I were still able to participate in 2 races; The Fast & the Furriest 5K which includes a story involving me, Zu and a port-a-potty and The Fire Hydrant 5K where we met another ZuZu! A fabulous birthday bike ride with the wildlife and a relaxing  camping trip led to my first attempt at creating my own blog challenge in October. For those posts you’ll just have to search on your own but my favorite was creating the Doctor Who costumes. Last but not least the Christmas challenge is high on my favorite list thanks to all of your comments and everyone sharing memories or traditions.

Thank you for following along.  Here’s to another great year!

(Most of you won’t notice but for those who have been around the past few days I changed the theme again. The last theme was more green than I had realized and I just wasn’t feeling it.)

Where are you Christmas?

Christmas is over, the new year is days away! How is that possible?

We had a wonderful Christmas here at the Me, You and Zu household. Since games is our big thing on Christmas eve and we each buy the other a game we decided to open a couple presents early and play our new games. This was my favorite! The dice rolling around in the gigantic TARDIS cup is really loud though so we only used it when we were rolling for luck.

Dr Who Yahtzee

After games I read Christmas Dog by Shel Silverstein to the creatures.
Falling Up with Zu

We had tried The Polar Express earlier in the day but they were more interested in sitting out on the deck than inside with me. ZuZu is the only one in the photos but the cats are actually nearby. Chubbs was asleep on ZuZu’s bed behind me and Roma is sitting on the side of the couch, on the orange blanket in the corner of the picture.

Christmas Dog reading
Christmas Eve reading

ZuZu only got 2 new stuffies in her stocking because her toy box looks like this….

I collected a few old Christmas toys and tossed them in the bottom. She really enjoyed her new elephant, immediately ripping it from the stocking.

An elephant!

Stay away cat!

Tuckered after Christmas

Chubbs was busy tearing into her stocking a few feet away and a few times crossed into ZuZu’s bubble causing the dog to pull her stocking the other direction, as far away as possible.

Stockings are empty

Roma was a spoilsport and hid under the table watching the festivities from afar. She played with a few of the toys Chubbs had kicked that way but if she saw you looking her direction she took off running or started cleaning herself. It wasn’t until Christmas morning she was in the holiday spirit, rolling in the discarded wrapping paper and playing with her toys. She chased a ball around the dining room all morning!

Roma in Christmas heaven

How was your Christmas? What great presents did you get?