It would help if this had a title…

I completely forgot to title this post when I published it!

ZuZu had her yearly checkup at the vet last week.
The vet, the vet!

She’s always happy, no fear for her when it comes to the doctor, but it doesn’t stop her from trying to get outside whenever anyone is near the door.

Let's go

There’s a bit of pacing to be done during the wait between the tech and vet but usually she’ll either sit on the bench next to me or lay on the floor. Occasionally she’ll hear something outside the door and stare at it curiously, wondering what could be happening without her on the other side.

Can we go yet?

The appointment always goes well and this year was no different.There’s always lots of love to go around for the vet and the techs. Of course their bowl of treats is helpful in winning her over. Other than a couple minor (and very understandable) anxiety attacks the appointment went smoothly. The first was when the tech came at her back end to take her temperature; the second when she refused to take her Bordetella through the nose and had to get a shot instead.

Our only bad news was when Zu was told she needed to lose a couple pounds. She’s currently weighing in at 42.9. It’s recommended she be around 40-41. My year long recovery from foot surgery has taken its toll and I’m guilty of giving her too many treats because she’s so darn cute. With the weather getting warmer (not counting the annoying snow storm we had over the weekend) I’ll be getting her out more often and get those few pounds shed!


Weird Colorado

W is for Weird Colorado

Have you guys heard of the Weird U.S. series that features crazy local and roadside America attractions? We have some fun things to see around Colorado so I thought it would be fun to make our own dog friendly Weird Colorado.

Starting in Fort Collins we have the Campbell’s Soup Can which is located in front of the Art School buildings.
Then we traveled to the Library to pose with a statue of Annie, The Railroad Dog. For many years in the 30’s & 40’s she would greet people at the train station. Her statue and a path dedicated to her are at the library while her grave is located several blocks away at the Downtown Transit Center.
Annie's Walk

Zu stopped to pose in Jazz Alley which runs between a couple buildings in downtown Fort Collins. A huge mural is dedicated to historical figures and musical artists of the past & present including Billie Holiday, Johnny Cash, Miles Davis, John Lennon, Marilyn Monroe, Art Garfunkel, Jimmy Buffet, Bob Dylan….to name a few.
Jazz Alley
Alley 2
Zu tried to go after a cat on the wall…it took her a while to realize it was painted on there!
Facing off with the cat

As part of the Art in Public places program Fort Collins has Pianos About Town where local artists paint pianos that are placed all over downtown. Each year a new artists bids to paint a piano and every few months a new painted piano is ready. In the summer the painting takes place wherever the piano is located and can be watched by passersby. In the winter they are moved inside until they are finished. When the piano is finished it’s available for anyone to play.

Pianos About Town

Our journey to find more Weird Colorado attractions took us to Denver, specifically the Denver Art Museum and the nearby Denver Public Library, both located close to downtown Denver.
Denver Art Museum
Blue thing

Broom & Dustpan
Broom rules
Big coal looking thing

Art and Zu

Around the corner from the museum is the library with an interesting enormous chair with a horse.
Denver Public Library
Big chair and horse

Our adventure ended with some ice cream at an awesome ice cream shoppe called Little Man Ice Cream which is located a few blocks from LoDo. It had started to rain and I didn’t want to get the Nikon wet so I snapped a quick picture of Wayne and Zu in front. I’d like to get a better picture sometime…which is really just an excuse to eat more wonderful ice cream!
Little Man Ice CreamThe convention center has an enormous blue bear that looks into the second floor. Our adventure was finishing right around rush hour and getting through traffic and finding a place to park would have been insane so we skipped it as well as stopping to take photographs with the art in front in the theatre district. I did get a picture as we were driving by though!

This concludes Zu’s Weird Colorado. My goal is to start finding more fun attractions to show you guys.

What fun or weird things do you have in your city or state?

U is for Upset Pets

Guys! It took me 22 hours to remember I hadn’t done the post for today. U was on of the few letters for which I didn’t have a plan. This last week has been crazy, crazy, crazy. It turns out not having the perfect U topic was revealed to me this morning. A few days ago Wayne told me the city was planning on shutting our power off today so they could do work nearby. When I woke up this morning it was still on but I could hear the crews outside making lots of noise. ZuZu was snuggled next to me instead of playing outside like she usually does when people are around. When I finally dragged myself out of bed…to the couch…ZuZu was pacing. Every room I went to she would follow me, pacing, whining. I felt bad but I wanted to get a shower in before the lights went out…which didn’t end up happening. I ended up lighting some candles in order to see and by the time I got done all 3 critters had pushed open the door and were hanging out with me.

From room to room they followed me. I considered leaving but there were 5 big city trucks & our landscaping crew outside and for a while my car was blocked in. I had planned on spending the morning reading and baking cupcakes. Cupcakes were out but reading sounded like a great idea. Zu and I snuggled on the bed but the generator started up again and one of the trucks was backing up making the beeping sound. Zu immediately jumped up and started pacing. When she headed for her under bed cave I decided we would all go back to the bathroom. It’s the closest I could get to a protective cave. It’s small. It’s dark. It’s quiet. It was the perfect place. So for 2 hours we just chilled in the bathroom.

ZuZu still paced when she heard a loud noise but most of the time she curled up next to me. Chubbs scampered in a little bit later, Roma followed a few minutes after that. I could tell the cats were upset at their nap time being disturbed but I don’t think they were actually scared by the noise. Being followers they naturally had to be in the same room as us.

ZuZu hiding

When my car was finally free I decided to take Zu out of the house to run some errands. I also needed to charge my phone. Since the bathroom was too dark to read my book and the iPad wasn’t charged I spent the bathroom time surfing Pinterest on my phone. My phone, having started halfway charged, didn’t last long. I spent the next two hours driving around the side streets and playing at the park. By the time we made it back home the power was finally back on!

There’s very few instances that any of the pets are truly upset. There were a few times after we adopted ZuZu that she scared easy and I didn’t know how to help her. I bought some of the calming pills but she just spit them out. I think I still have the full bottle in the back of a closet somewhere. Now I stay with her whenever she’s scared, hoping that she’ll sense I’m not afraid and she will calm. Removing her from the situation would be the next best solution. Today both of them worked to help make her a happier dog!

Zu at the park

Much happier at the park!

How do you handle when your pets are upset?


Triceratops Trail

T is for Triceratops Trail

Triceratops Trail is a part of Dinosaur Ridge which is a geological and historical landmark at the base of the foothills just west of Denver. They’re both part of the Lariat Loop National Scenic Byway which also includes Buffalo Bill’s Grave. We didn’t make it there on this trip but we’ve planned it for one of our next ventures.
Dinosaur Ridge

We stopped at Dinosaur Ridge first to take a few pictures with the dino’s on display.

Dog vs dinosaur
The trail is pretty neat. It’s a little over a mile but it doesn’t seem that long. The only bad thing is the ridiculously bad directions for parking and getting to the start of the trail. The directions say the trail is located a block east of 6th Ave & 19th St in Golden. Getting here is easy. From here it’s not so easy. The website says to park on the street but there is no parking on 19th Ave and the surrounding streets, in fact ALL of Golden’s street’s it seems, are permit parking; either for the city or the Colorado School of Mines. The same goes for every parking lot. There’s also a sign for the trail with an arrow pointing west. So we were very confused about where to go. After driving around for a long time (at one point we ended up halfway to Lookout Mountain Park) we finally found a parking spot that didn’t require a permit butwas nowhere near where we assumed the trail started.

Trail info
Trail start

When we finally got to the trail ZuZu had already rolled in a muddy hole. The picture is pretty blurry but I was trying to keep my camera away from her while she was shaking mud off.

Dirty dog

The first stop on the trail is the Clay Pit Overlook. You can climb down into the pit to see beetle tracks as well as possible T-rex tracks. The tracks are negative tracks that were tilted by the Rocky Mountains. That’s not a great explanation so to read how it actually happens click here!
Clay pit overlook

From there you climb back out and come to this thing…
Something weird...

I don’t know what the significance of it is other than it was donated to the trail. There’s an overlook to the trail below and also nice views of Golden. There’s also a great view of the golf course that sits directly next to the trail.
Golf course

Once you’ve moved on from the weird thing, as I’m referring to it from now on, you travel down a hill and come to a wall with Triceratops tracks, small animal burrows and palm fronds.
Dino tracks
Triceratops track
Palm fronds

Once you’ve examined the entire wall you’re at the end of the trail. Actually you’re at the golf course cart path. We watched a few people golfing before heading back up the hill and out of the trail. At the start of the trail there’s a gravel service road that seemed to be a shorter path than the way we came in so we decided to take it. It led us to a parking lot but we couldn’t determine if it was permit or public parking. Either way they really need to be more specific on the website about how to find the trail and where to park.

Other than the parking fiasco and a little rain we had fun. The trail is short and there’s not a ton to see but it was cool to think that we were standing where dinosaurs once roamed. Fossils have been found at Red Rocks, Coors Field and lots of other places near Denver. There’s an exhibit at the museum that’s fun to walk through and you can stand next to replicas of the dinosaurs. At the very west end of the state, near the Utah border, there’s a lot more dinosaur things to see. One of these days we’ll journey out west to check it out.

For now our little adventure to Dinosaur Ridge will have to do!